Tips on Keeping Mind and Body Young 
By Jesse Anson Dawn 



Jesse Anson Dawn, age 55, author of the national award-winning book, Never “Old”, speaks out about a most stirring subject: how and why we age. 

Presently answering the question:
“If it’s true that bodily decay is, for the most part, programmed onto us from the outside, what are the best ways to counteract that programming?” 

Dear Reader, 
A crucial fact to remember about controlling aging is this: we need to overcome virtually thousands of years of pro-aging beliefs, thousands of false perceptions that make it quite complicated to re-teach the mind/body to age in a way which is not culturally conditioned to fall apart fast. 

And the forces of rapid-aging programming have become never more evident than with the advent of the ever-present blueb tube — the titanic TubeView which begins to eat away at us with that first body-crunching cartoon that we gazed at as a child. 

Ouch, speaking of body-crunching cartoons, other than training me to be slap-happy, the major effect that cartoons seemed to have on me was giving me tooth decay as a child, hammered in by all those candy bar ads sponsoring those shoot-em-up superhero shows — shows that still sell candy that sticks to teeth like molten goo. For how else would we have become so hooked on the decadent joys of Three Musketeers, Clark, Baby Ruth and Snickers bars? And to think that superhero comic books and candy bars were the only thing I ever stole, warped by a pre-teen addiction to sugar and super-batmen, my first and only fall into less than honest activity. 

All of which leads me to believe that maybe it’s about time for some concerned and benevolent millionaire to sponsor a campaign of consciously satirical ads, humanly considerate, refreshingly self-renewing ads that says things like: “Behold! The greatest boon to guns and dentistry since G.I. Joe comics and chewy caramel bars — the boom-boom cartoon and candy show! Violent, slapstick adventures that lead to cavities, jails and dentures!” 

Perhaps such ads can help counteract a direction in “entertainment” which seems so crazily hooked on modes of murder that soon companies will be selling TV remote controls shaped like pistols or hand-grenades. Ka-pow! — hold on now, this one’ll kill ya — how about fast-food video guns, so instead of shouting into microphones to order food from SickDonalds, TacoHell or whatever, drive-bys can place an order by pointing little plastic missiles at video screens where meals are pictured on plates shaped like jet bombers — miniature Russian or Arabic bombers that can be shot down from a screen while patrons order their “Happy Meals” and fries! 

Anyhowl, I don’t mean to frazzle into a anti-war tirade like Joseph Heller in his marvelous classic Catch-22 — but in these greed-whacked times, the shoot-em-up scenario just described might even be taken seriously and implemented, using the current logic of: “Hey, let’s make a killing programming people to be even more trigger-happy and hate-hooked than they already are!” Okay, I admit that much of media violence is exaggerated for dramatic effect, and at times exaggeration can be funny, but there’s nothing exaggerated or funny about homicides emerging as the second leading cause of death among males age 15 to 34 (second to auto accidents). Sure, getting gunned down may be one way to die looking young, but how about less murder stories and more focus on mindpower? 

And who in blazes started the brain-dead idea of gearing movies to the warped “taste” of 10 year-olds raised on violent cartoons? Is such “taste” why so many movies are so bloody awful that people wait in line to get OUT? This is why I usually only go to films that are supposedly comedies, keeping in mind the truism that there’s a BIG difference between stupid and funny. And of course choosing litter over literacy is hardly a laughing matter, especially if, by “killing time” via a blitz of murder stories, we come to accept back-stabbing as a “normal” way of life. 

All of which leads me to sign off this installment of Never “Old” by urging you not to “get even” but to get odd — at least “odd” enough to OVERCOME “cultural” pitfalls that railroad us into the rabbit hole of runaway decay. Yes, let us ARISE from the ashes of a Culture of Catastrophe which teaches mainly fear and suffering, ARISE from any decadent disrespect of the human body. Instead, let us seek out bodily knowledge that penetrates — let us ARISE and seek out real rejuvenation...

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