Imagine Your Life with 10 Times More Love!
By Scott and Shannon Peck 



Can you imagine your life with 10 times more love? We are highly unlikely to experience what we cannot conceive, so let us imagine together how to co-create a world with 10 times more love! 

Leaving the Fog 
First, we have to leave the dense fog in our society when it comes to love. Day after day, we are inundated with ads and TV programs that imprint millions of superficial love images dulling our senses. These images define love to us as emotions run amuck or are filled with conflict. 

Our understanding of love is confused and our lives show it. Society is suffering a staggering divorce rate. We have suffered miserably and paid dearly, in time and emotional distress, the price of failed relationships. We have not mastered ? or even identified ? the key ingredients that make love work. 

Despite all this, the human spirit is relentless when it comes to the pursuit of love. We hope that true love is possible. We sense that it is. And we keep striving. 

But where do we learn about love? How do we become love experts? With so much of our happiness hinging on love, you would think love would be the #1 subject taught in schools. And with our world in desperate need of love, you would think Love ambassadors and Love experts would hold the highest posts in nations. 

Love is the obvious answer to every major world problem of war, poverty, starvation, and disaster. If we had enough love, we surely could solve them all. Love is equally the answer to what we need for true fulfillment in our personal lives. 

A Quantum Leap Forward in Love 
There is no fluff in real love. Love heals pain, disease, depression, hopelessness, and much more. Years of experience as a spiritual healer has taught Shannon that Love is powerful medicine and vital to our well-being. The number one complaint from people’s inner hearts is, “I don’t have enough love”. 

So let us take the first step towards 10 times more love in our lives. Let us accept that it is possible. Challenge the belief that you cannot have an abundance of love in your life! Wake up to the reality of love as a phenomenal power ? so valuable that we can no longer tolerate less than taking quantum leaps forward as love experts. 

To take this quantum leap, we need to enter the very consciousness and heart of Love as present and available right now! By acknowledging Love’s presence, love becomes less illusive. In fact, the more you consent to Love’s presence and begin to rely on it, the more you will experience love in full force and presence. 

When the inner heart asks, “How much love do I have?” and laments, “Not enough”, we need to challenge this assumption. This is a big Love principle! The fact is, there is more than enough love for each of us every moment because the nature of Love is infinite ? and that means infinitely present. We are abundant with love resources at all times! We need only change our assumption of “not enough” to “more than enough” and then give our consent to start noticing love everywhere, acknowledging its presence, and participating in its fullness. A quantum shift! 

Creating a World with 10 Times More Love 
To create a life with 10 times more love, we need to make radical changes in our overt expression of love. For example, when was the last time you felt loved to your inner core? As you think about when and why this happened, you will see that genuine love includes listening with true compassion ? without judgment. 

Now take this further. How long does it take for hearts to open in your presence? Do others feel loved in your presence? These are top priorities for a LoveMaster ? and that is what we are all being called forth to become. 

To create a world with 10 times more love, we also must love ourselves more ? much more!

 Ask yourself: 
• Can I accept that I deserve more love from myself?
• In what kind ways can I serve myself better? Can I give myself more comfort and less stress, more assurances and less doubt, more tenderness and less criticism, more peace and less conflict? 
• How would my life be different if I loved myself ten times as much? 

Please pause for a moment and sincerely try to answer these questions. 

Examples From Our Lives of Loving Ourselves More
 Last year we asked ourselves these questions and our answers took us deeper and deeper into Love’s richness ? in small and large ways. For example, Shannon decided that if she loved herself more, she would be bolder in her self-expression by confronting fears of “What will they think? What if they judge me? What if…?” Repeatedly challenging these unloving-to-self thoughts catapulted her life forward into co-authoring a book which shared her life message with the world. Loving herself this way then led to co-authoring a 6-tape audio course on love which freed up deep passions of wanting more love for the world. The decision to love herself boldly also led to her co-founding TheLoveCenter with its mission of bringing all humanity into the heart of Love. 

Another way she loved herself was by planting more flowers outside her office. This may seem small, but the results were huge. She had hesitated to plant, thinking, “I probably shouldn’t since I already have enough of a garden.” Still the desire for more flowers persisted. When she finally yielded to loving herself more, the result was an astounding influx of beauty and bliss. 

To what extent did she benefit from more self-love? “The difference is astounding. I am enjoying unimaginable fulfillment, more love, and greater joy. Confidence in my self expression is far stronger and I am expressing more tenderness and compassion to myself through nature, which is also spilling over in other areas ? especially to others!”

 Scott has taken equally bold steps to love himself more. He initiated the first LoveMaster workshops, a life goal in direct line with his and our destiny. He also decided to go much deeper in his daily meditations and more fully address issues of supply ? both for his dreams, our dreams, and our vision for humanity.

 Even in small ways, loving ourselves helps us leave discouragement and self-inflicted pain for joy and self-given comfort. For months, Scott bemoaned having scraped the side of his cute little car. And it was his fault! Finally, after four months of self-inflicted, unnecessary guilt and anguish, he forgave himself and had it fixed. Why did he wait so long to love himself? Are you waiting to love yourself? 

Loving yourself more leads to surprising new influxes of joy. In the midst of hours of dedicated work last year, we loved ourselves enough to learn how to sail, discovering that sailboats could be affordably rented in San Diego’s beautiful bay. Sailing together has united our hearts, brought us deep intimacy and meditation, lots of laughs, and taught us many lessons that have vastly improved our workshops ? all this from a decision to love ourselves more! 

Is the world full of more love because of these experiences? You bet it is! It is estimated that each of our lives affect approximately 250 people at any given time of our lives. Imagine the effect of your life on all those around you when your life is spilling forth from love! 

Old habits of self-condemnation, unforgiveness, and negative talk create a harsh world for ourselves as well as others. Scott recently noted to his real estate business partner that in all their years together they have never had a single argument. “Yeah,” his partner agreed. “I’ve had more arguments with myself!” 

The wonderful thing about love is that it doesn’t stop with a single expression. It spills over into smiles, inspiration, and sweetness. Love uplifts. It cannot be confined by walls or geographical boundaries. Every time someone expresses more compassion, empathy, understanding, listening or any of the powerful love skills, the world becomes brighter and more awake to real love. Less fog! 

How Could You Love Yourself 10 Times More?
• What does the ultimate life of love look like for you? 
• What would you do differently if you loved yourself 10 times more? 

We invite you to make a list of as many ways you can think of to love yourself more. Give yourself permission to make the list as long and detailed as you like. Do not judge your list. Indulge! Discover your deepest life passion, inner desires, place of service to others, dignity, creativity, and expansion. What are the possibilities? Do you dare dream? This is what abundant love looks like. 

Imagine a World with 10 Times More Love! 

Now imagine the whole world expanding in love! 

Imagine a world where loneliness and divorce ended forever ? and unity and harmony in relationships presented a bond of love, without exception. Imagine everyone understanding that there is more than enough love for everyone ? always.

 Women and men would be valued for their true, beautiful qualities that equally enhance each other. We would be partners in love. We would discover that love is better than drugs, richer than money, stronger than loss, trauma, collapse, evil, hurt, and even disease. Hearts would awaken to hope and believe in love again. People would say, “I want this! Nothing can stop me from experiencing a life of love. I can do this!”

Imagine a world immersed in love, where every heart is filled with kindness and generosity. We would go to work and comment on each other’s wonderful qualities, praising generously and lavishly. Why not? Love would be the atmosphere, spilling over for all to enjoy equally, including yourself! How do you suppose your co-workers would feel about your sweet comments towards them? How would you feel? What would it be like if people began to praise you for the difference you make in their lives? What if we started speaking this way all day, every day?

 Imagine if, on the freeway, we practiced love and good thoughts for others’ well-being and wished them a happy day? Imagine if they did this for you. 

Imagine if Love ruled every heart, mind, tongue and action. Imagine if war and crime ended. What would the world be like then? How would the six o’clock news be different? Ads and commercials would attract and influence customers based on their values, rather than ego, fear, insecurity, and lack. Diets would no longer be needed. Love would completely nourish our inner bodies. 

What if our love spilled over into the environment, transforming and healing our global and local environmental problems, inspiring and uniting us in purity and giving? How encouraged would you feel? 

If everyone spoke Love’s language for just today, how would it sound? Can you hear now the sound of soft gentle hearts, sensitive caring, unselfish giving, peaceful expressions ? even during moments of conflict? Not a ruffle. Just a perpetual symphony of harmony.

 We are discussing a world ten times more loving. We have to imagine it to create it. The healing possibilities are endless. The gift would be so vastly precious that no one would dare allow a single thing to penetrate such a sacred space we had collectively co-created. Such a state would be so significant that all unloving thinking and acting would be banished to oblivion. 

Superficial love would end forever. People’s self-inflicting negative declarations such as, “True love is idealistic and impossible!” would cease as genuine love became the reality of civilization. 

There would be no resistance to so much love. There would be no one complaining that this requires too much sacrifice or that it is inconvenient to experience so much personal growth. We would all relish such a world. 

Imagine such unity! Such bonding! Such harmony, joy, bliss and ecstasy! Imagine what we could accomplish through love, harmony, peace, kindness, support, and good thoughts for ourselves and others. Imagine the freedom we would experience from the void of negativity and the need to defend ourselves from it.

All this love ? all the love you could ever want ? is already ours to have. And ours to give. All humanity is invited. This is life’s fullest bounty. 

We can begin today. Imagine your life with more love ? and then be it! Try it for the next hour. 

Since our lives have been so focused on love over the past year, Scott told Shannon recently every time he looks at her, her inner and outer body is radiating Love’s smile. And so too is Scott. His passion for teaching love has illumined his true being. 

Love is beckoning each of us to create a life of love that is so rich, full, and immeasurable that each of us is smiling inside and out. This is the love you deserve. This is your spiritual right! This is the love the world deserves. Let us accept Love’s invitation and enter the heart of Love! 

Scott & Shannon Peck are co-founders of TheLoveCenter, a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing all humanity into the heart of Love. This article is based on their new 6-cassette audio series, “All the Love You Could Ever Want!” and their weekend workshop “Becoming a LoveMaster”. 

The Pecks are popular speakers and frequent radio and TV guests. They are also co-authors of “Liberating Your Magnificence: 25 Keys to Loving and Healing Yourself”. Shannon has been a spiritual healer for 20 years and Scott Peck is the author of “The Love You Deserve: 10 Keys to Perfect Love”.

 For information, you may visit   or call The-LoveCenter at (800) 266-1525.

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