By Nancy Brady 



Life is filled with relationships of all kinds. Whether it is with a spouse, significant other, friend, co-worker, parent or child, we all interact in relationships daily. Our ability to be in healthy alliance with others depends on the depth of our primary relationship — our relationship with our self. 

Influences from the Past
 The degree to which we have explored our self is the degree we can connect with others. This may sound like a radical statement, but it is true.  If we cut off portions of our own feelings, we are unable to access those areas in others. This limits our experience of loving. Our body contains emotions and memories of past situations. When we experience traumas, illnesses, accidents or deep humiliations, the associated emotions and memories get carried off and stored in specific areas of the body. This happens through a chemical process in which the body attempts to protect us from pain, never intending for these emotions to be permanent  residents in our system. At the location of these toxic emotions the body tightens and contracts the tissue to hold the biochemicals of emotion in  place. Bloodflow to the area becomes limited and the flow of vital chi and other healthy chemical processes are compromised due to these constrictions. Sometimes we even lose our ability to feel the affected region  of our body because our mind has turned away from consciously accepting the emotions stored within the cells. 

Cells Talk to Cells
The body is an intelligent system, one that includes the exchange of information between cells, both in the mind and the body. Cells talk to each other constantly, and in relationships our cells also communicate with the cells of other individuals. At the site of suppressed emotions, the messages from molecules within the cells are coming from buried emotions, perhaps fear or anger. Since the body wants to be whole and healthy it will replay these repressed emotions repeatedly in an effort to resolve them and allow them to be substituted with love. Emotions continually regulate what we experience as reality. Our interactions with people are affected as the emotional chemicals release and model our behavior according to past events that created them. This dynamic will greatly affect our relationships if it is left unhealed. Disregard of the body’s messages can lead to a frustrating pattern of reliving old wounds. 

Listening and Healing
 Ignoring the past doesn’t make it go away, it only creates a state of mental denial which causes the fear to express itself in more significant  ways. Unsettling emotions continue to dwell in us, setting up blockages which cause weakened conditions that can lead to disease. However, since past emotions are a part of living and growing, it is good to know that we are not  stuck in an unwanted situation. The days of resigning our self to live a life burdened by our former experiences are long past.  Yes, we are affected by old situations in this life and those prior, but we can master our own destiny and make an enlightened choice about which  aspects of the past we wish to maintain in the present. It is not necessary to continue to repress traumas in the body, for in fact they are still very  active in ways that are not supportive of us. By rooting out problems from the cellular level, troubling emotions are eliminated from the body, mind and  spirit allowing us to live more fully, love our self more completely, and  deepen our experience of love with others. 

Emotions of Love
Love is a singular emotion built upon the foundation of many emotions. Our ability to feel love is directly relational to our healing of past emotions and learning. Clearing these emotions so our decisions can be made  from a position of strength is part of our soul’s path of healing. By eliminating distressing emotions the path is cleared for love to be felt.  This love that is found through healing opens the door to the soul. Being an expansive emotion, love thrives on a free flow of energy. With the removal of emotional blocks, the body functions better physically, the mind is freed and the soul shares more love. 

Unity of All Life
From a tiny molecular level, our communicating cells are expressing their messages, attracting situations and people into our life to match the data we are transmitting. This has staggering implications for the interconnectedness  of all life and the ability to heal individually and collectively. If our cells are communicating the message of love, we will connect with others in love. This includes everyone with whom we interact. The web of life that  interlaces all of us is filled with our individual and mass experiences. When  we eliminate our painful emotions, we actually create a clearing on a much  larger scale that contributes to better global relationships as well as  personal ones. 

Healthy relationships all start with us individually. Loving another person is about loving our self enough to be the best we can be. We are then able to share our self, which is the greatest gift we have to offer. By healing our self we gain freedom — the freedom to love fully! 

Nancy Brady is a practitioner specializing in emotional healing. She is a Certified SHEN Practitioner and a Certified Practitioner in DNA Technique and  Cellular Belief Transformation. She holds a degree in nutrition and is a  spiritual intuitive. Nancy can be reached at (949) 487-1551.

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