By Jenny Liu, M.A. 



A House with A Past

 “I’m not taking any chances with this house.  You have to come and do the feng shui.”  These are the first words Nancy tells me over the phone.  Nancy’s house is nestled between two streets of the Silver Lake hills.  There is a steep hill right in front of her house which is off a narrow street.  At the back, there is a busy street where the garage entry is located.  The land slopes down from there. 

When I arrived at the house Nancy has just purchased, I explained to her that the site is unstable.  The house’s energy is weak as the hill in front of the main door blocks energy from coming in, and the slope and busy street behind carries energy away.  She nodded in acknowledgment but told me she got a great deal and that she really likes the interior. 

She described the house as a small tri-level house where the bedrooms are on the upper floor, the living, dining, and kitchen are on the entry level, and a garage located on the lower level.  Although the home is narrow and deep like Victorian row houses, the design is contemporary with high ceilings and a large skylight in the center that brings in an abundance of light through the staircase shaft. 

Nancy gave me a tour and as she guided me downstairs into the garage, she explained that the previous owner committed suicide there.  This area is dark because it has no windows and receives little light from the skylight.  Neither of us wanted to linger too long there.  As we ascended the staircase, she explained that because of this house’s past, she is extremely cautious about creating harmony and purifying the house. I drew the floor plan of the house and used a compass to measure the orientation. 

From the main door and address, the house faces east and sits west. However, because the garage entry faces west off a street, the house can be seen as having a double orientation.  The main door faces east and is in the northeast corner of a living room that spans the east side of the house.  The kitchen and nook is located on the west side over the garage.  The dining room is located on the south side between the living room and kitchen. 

On the upper level, there are two bedrooms and bathrooms. There is an east bedroom over the living room and a west bedroom over the kitchen. The two bathrooms are placed next to each other on the south side between the two bedrooms. The two bedroom doors face each other.  The staircase shaft spans the center and north side of the house. 

Looking at Nancy’s birth chart, she belonged to the Eastern Direction Pattern.  Her roommate, Sej is also of the same pattern. The strongest directions for them are the north, south, east and southeast.  Due to the configuration of the land, it is in their favor to have an east-sitting house with the hills behind supporting them and a busy street in front of them gathering energy.  The problem with this is the garage faces west which brings conflicting energies that can bring accident, adultery, financial loss or illness. I

deally, they should have a north or south side door that they can access from the west side.  Since this is not possible, they can only use the east door and place a concave mirror to deflect the hills in front of it. If the garage entrance is to be used, a water element such as a fountain, black or gray door mat or black crystal should be placed on the west side to neutralize its disruptive metal energies. 

Upstairs, only the east bedroom is suitable to be used by them. However, Nancy and Sej want their own rooms and have respectively selected the east and west rooms.  The east room is fine for Nancy. Sej’s room is not only located in a poor direction for her, but being over the kitchen and garage is destabilizing. In cases like this, the person is vulnerable to problems.  Sej needs to be extremely careful of her health and overall well-being.  She should locate her bed on the north side away from the stove,  making sure there is a solid wall to support her headboard. She should have three clear quartz crystals to enhance her overall well-being and use the fire element such as red, pink or burgundy bedroom colors to neutralize the metal energies. 

Looking at the Nine Star chart for this house, it indicated that the 5, 9, and 7 stars are located in the center of the house.  This combination usually brings violence, temper and conflict.  Having the skylight piercing the center of the house and the staircase located here compounds these negative energies.  It can cause those living here to be self-destructive, belligerent, having arguments and problems. 

If the previous owner was also Eastern Direction Pattern and used the west bedroom and garage entrance, this is a disastrous combination that can very well lead a highly sensitive or emotional person to be unstable and if gone uncontrolled, insane, maniacal or violent.  It is important that she also keep an eye on Sej’s behavior.  Once they move in, if Sej gets sick, has accidents or other problems, it may be necessary that they share the east room and convert the west room into a study or recreation area.  Otherwise, Nancy’s own welfare may be disrupted as well. 

Furthermore, this year the south direction has the 5 star which brings violation and disaster.  This is where the two bathrooms are located. Any moving or dirty-water energy can magnify these negative energies. It is important for them to make the proper adjustments. In their case, they need to place a large mirror on the outside wall of these bathrooms and a three fluorite or jade turtle sculptures facing south for stability, good health and release of negative energies. 

Nancy explained that her real estate agent told her the previous owner was a struggling artist who became violent, as there was damage to the walls and doors. Ultimately, he committed suicide in the garage through carbon monoxide poisoning from car fumes. I commented that the garage is located on the west which is associated with the respiratory system and that it was likely the previous owner was affected negatively by these west energies. 

She shuddered and asked how she could release the previous owner’s negative energies. Aside from the purification, she could do meditations and chants to release wandering spirits or set up an altar to guide the spirit to the next world.  Ideally, she needs a feng shui master, high priest or holy person to purify and bless her new home. 

In any case, depending on the energies of the previous owner, she may or may not be negatively affected and sometimes, it is difficult to tell until she actually moves in.  She should monitor how things are going for herself and Sej as they live here. If all is harmonious, they are fine to stay.  However, if during their residence here, they are constantly getting sick, getting into accidents or suffering unexpected problems, they should not stay. In some extreme cases, there are houses with past energies that refuse to be released. 

Jenny Liu holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Design from UC Berkeley and a Master’s Degree in Architecture from UCLA. She is an expert in the 8,000-year-old Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui who also shares her knowledge through seminars, workshops, periodicals and the Internet. Ms. Liu is a fourth-generation practitioner with her own consulting firm. For more information please see her website www.liufengshui.com or call her at (909) 860-0633.

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