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The New Millennium Diet Revolution 
By Keith De Orio M.D. with Robert Dursi, C.N.M.
Finally, the diet book many of us have been waiting for! Outstanding, accurate, well researched and effective information! This unprecedented book combines ancient and modern dietary technology into a four-part strategy for maximizing health, reversing aging, preventing disease and lasting weight loss, in an easy-to-understand and implement format. 

Dr. De Orio brilliantly intertwines blood type, zone, macrobiotics, yin-yang, avoiding food toxins and candida in a step-by-step individualized program. This wealth of information is the only health and diet book you will ever need. It is far superior to anything on the market today, and most importantly, IT WORKS! 

I have not only lost weight by following the plan for my blood type, but I also feel healthier and more alive as a result. My cravings have subsided and I finally understand why I had difficulty losing and maintaining weight loss. 

For instance, I have type B blood. Dr. Orio reveals in his book that blood type B should stay away from chicken and corn, among other things, as this blood type can not digest the special lectin in the muscle tissue which aggressively agglutinates blood. Dr. De Orio has discovered that when we eat foods not harmonious with our blood type, our immune systems deplete. 

His book is so accurate and thorough that he deserves a Nobel Prize for this masterpiece. Not only does De Orio help us learn what is compatible with our body and blood types, but he analyzes certain personality traits and physiological characteristics as well as individualized weight loss strategy, weight management strategy and weight gain strategy for those of you who need to gain.

The great thing about this book is that within minutes I was able to put together a healthy diet plan that was easy to implement and follow. There is no complicated calorie counting or starving yourself. Furthermore the plans are balanced according to your type of body and blood, assuring your weight loss and health-maintenance program will not be harmful to you, as many of the high-protein and high-carb low-fat diets can be for certain people. 

I highly recommend this book, as it will definitely save you time, money and agony if you have been struggling weight or health issues. 

You may order this book, published by Prominence Publications, by calling (800) 972-1511. 


Liberating Your Magnificence: 
25 Keys to Loving and Healing Yourself
By Scott & Shannon Peck 
Have you ever wondered what would happen if you did not live up to your own potential? Have you ever searched within your heart and realized that you are actually afraid of success, afraid of living? Welcome to the discovery of your magnificence. 

Authors Scott and Shannon Peck have generously revealed their personal steps to magnificence, broken down into 25 steps and 4 stages. The exercises included are simple, clear and cut to the root of the nature of truth. I found them to bring a new-found humility and honoring of oneself that may have been buried for many years. 

True liberation is the goal, and spiritual themes of unconditional love, living in the realm of infinite possibilities, and rising from guilt to freedom while choosing abundance, are just some of the magnificent guidelines presented in this book. They remind us that “When we open ourselves to infinite expansion all that we need comes into place.” 

This liberating book, written by an authentic spiritual couple, can be used to redevelop the relationship with self that will preclude a healthy relationship with others. I highly recommend “Liberating Your Magnificence” for individuals and couples. 

“Liberating Your Magnificence” is published by Life Path Publishing, and can be ordered by calling (800) 266-1525. 


Light of the Masters
By Val Jon Farris 
Hold on to your seat and fasten your belts before reading Val Jon Farris’ new book “Inca Fire: Light of the Masters”. Unlike other books of the spiritual adventure story genre, Farris’ book is actually based on his own inspiring true life spiritual adventure which takes place in the mysterious and exotic realms of the ancient Incan holy land of Macchu Picchu. 

This book is packed with insight and wisdom cloaked in an easy-to-read style that less sophisticated readers will find very comprehensible while the more jaded reader will enjoy extracting the truths on many different levels of understanding. 

One of the impressive features of “Inca Fire” are the beautiful and accurate maps that provide a visual to help guide the reader into the realms of the lost civilization of the Incas. Many of us have not had the privilege to travel to this sacred and exciting part of the world, and Val Jon’s account lays it out for us in colorful detail, providing an enhancing background for the Seven Dimensions of enlightenment that he unveils throughout the book, He calls these the 7 Dimensions of Knowing which include: Humility, Eternality, Truth, Passion, Sovereignty, Faith and Service. These timeless truths were extracted from Val John’s own personal spiritual quest as a behavioral scientist during his expedition throughout the High Andes of Northern Peru. 

A fun and fast-paced read, “Inca Fire” is published by Keystone and available at your local bookstore, or by calling toll-free (877) 462-2347.


Plus Recipes for Cooking up Your soulmate & more 
By Linda Kaye 
What a blessing internet publishing has turned out to be! Yes, now you can get books that are only available online. One fantastic pick is Linda Kaye’s “Cookbook of Love Plus Recipes for Cooking up Your Soul-mate and More”. This book is full of affirmations and recipes for cooking up whatever you want in your life. You can create your soul-mate, create greater love, intimacy and romance with your current partner, improve business relations and release the past. 

This charming, well-written book is far superior to the overabundance of affirmation books that have lined the bookshelves of stores for the past few decades. I must have read them all, and many are the same old information. This jewel, however, actually offers affirmations in a refreshing, palatable way! It is an excellent guide, even for those jaded by these types of books; this one is outstanding and helpful. 

The “Cookbook of Love Plus” contains a plethora of information that cannot be found in most books of this type, and I love the way Linda Kaye reminds us to ‘never tell’ when you have cooked up a specific recipe for someone — almost like casting a spell. This fun guide is a must for those with internet access. 

To purchase this book, or for more information about The Cookbook of Love Plus, go to 


The Mystical Power of Intimate Relationships 
By Marianne Williamson
 Marianne Williamson has done it again — she has produced another magical masterpiece. This time the theme is sacred love and meaningful relationships. “Enchanted Love: The Mystical Power of Intimate Relationships” is the book many of us have been waiting for. It has the style and ambience of earlier works such as “A Woman’s Worth” and “Illuminata”, that made us fall in love with her message years ago.

 “Enchanted Love” echoes the paradigm shift that author Gary Zukav, and other prominent new-thought authors have been exploring, which says that intimate union, commitment and relationships no longer serve the primary purpose of financial and emotional security. Rather, marriage and other romantic relationships in the new millennium are focusing on a spiritual enrichment between partners. 

Spiritual growth and seeking the highest good for both partners is the key. The harmonious love affair can stay in a honeymoon stage forever, and this is not an idealist’s dream, but a very real occurrence many couples are now proving to be possible. This book tells us a spirit-focused union will be the basis for enchantment in our everyday lives. No longer will the focus be on fear, jealousy, conflict and differences, but it will be about a sacred connection, a legendary, mystical and mythical bond of truth. 

Marianne Williamson’s “Enchanted Love” is a must for every man and woman. Whether you have been in a relationship for decades or just starting to date, I highly recommend this book for those who are tired of the old standards for relating to our partners and who want guidance and inspiration towards a new way of relating. If you are ready for a healing, enlightening experience, which will forever change the way you perceive and relate to others, this book may well be the catalyst you’ve been waiting for. 

Published by Simon and Schuster, “Enchanted Love” is available at your local bookstore.


By Renee Pianne
Renee Pianne, the singles resource expert who writes a weekly column for Entertainment Today entitled “The Single Zone”, has written a powerful book for men. “Love Mechanics, The Power Tools For Success with Women”, is an unprecedented book written exclusively for men in a language they understand. This power-packed book will teach you how to “tune up” to attract the right people for love, business and friendship. 

Renee Pianne is also a sought-after relationships coach, television and radio producer who draws from more than 15 years of research and experience in the areas of communications, interpersonal relationships, healing arts, hypnotherapy and NLP. With laser accuracy and insight, she detects obstacles blocking access to more rewarding relationships and clears the way for quality relationships. 

“Love Mechanics” will teach you to: Design your personal success strategy for love. Set realistic goals with a support system to achieve them. Master your communication skills on the phone and on dates. Become aware of the image you project and how to improve that image if necessary, and so much more. This is the only book you will ever need to get the woman of your dreams, and more importantly, to keep her! 

“Love Mechanics” E-book is available online for $5.00 at , order it online with a credit card, or mail $14.95 plus $2.50 shipping and handling to: Loveworks/Renee Pianne, 11777 San Vincente Blvd., Suite 610, Los Angeles, CA 90049. (310) 442-9700.

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