By Paula Hamilton



6-Tape Audio Course in Love 
Scott and Shannon Peck 
“Imagine your entire life flowing out from a clear understanding of your life purpose.” Intriguing? I thought so.  And that is only the beginning. 

Scott and Shannon Peck have masterfully created a six-tape course on love. Now, love would be something you would think we wouldn’t need instructions on. But look at our violent and hurt-filled world through the pages of any daily newspaper, and love seems to be a subject we could all use a little help in. 

The Pecks have assembled a phenomenal array of subjects related to love, and the lack of love. Six tapes, one topic on each side, covering a variety of subject matter related to the theme of love. 

The set contains the following: 
Side 1 - Preparing for the maximum love 
Side 2 - The Consciousness of Love Abundance
Side 3 - Healing Hurt and Abuse 
Side 4 - Finding the Lovemate of your Dreams 
Side 5 - Dating and Falling in Love 
Side 6 - Ultimate Intimacy 
Side 7 - Flowing with Love in Hard Times 
Side 8 - Expanding a Relationship to infinite Love 
Side 9 - Becoming a LoveMaster : Love skills we never learned 
Side 10 - Living as a LoveMaster : Creating a world of Love 
Side 11 - Healing as Love : The Heart of Spiritual Healing 
Side 12 - Ascending in Love : At one with your Highest Self 

The term “LoveMaster” was created by Shannon and Scott to characterize a person who has learned “the power of unconditional love, unselfishness, humility and transparency combined as a universal force.”  They characterize this as ultimate living, because our highest purpose, happiness and life success compel us to become “experts in dissolving anger and leaping into forgiveness.” 

How true!  As a nurse, I saw first hand the devastating effects of anger, bitterness and unforgiveness in the lives and health of the people I took care of.  In fact, just recently Dr Andrew Weil has begun a healing segment of his online newsletter, devoted to just this very subject.  Forgiveness, healing, love and ultimately happiness and better health. I don’t propose that one six-tape package, or even several tapes and seminars will make one a forgiving, humble, unselfish person for life. Those accolades belong to a small handful of people in the history of our planet.  Not only Jesus, Buddha, Saint Francis and others of that ilk, but just in our lifetime, people like Mother Theresa and Mahatma Ghandi. How wonderful to see their example of living sainthood.  True unselfishness and humility can be difficult to attain and maintain for a lifetime, but I think frequent “refresher courses” can go a long way in making us better, more loving, kind and aware people. 

Our planet so desperately needs people like the Pecks, who care enough to try to undo the damages, and more importantly prevent new ones! I highly recommend and encourage anyone who has had difficulty with love, closeness, trust, forgiveness, intimacy, chronic conditions or dis-ease, pain, grief, loss, depression, anger management issues, difficulty maintaining healthy love relationships or friendships, poor self-esteem, sadness, doubt or loneliness to listen to these tapes.  The $60 dollar investment is cheaper than an hour of therapy, and you have the luxury of listening to these wonderful tapes over and over. 

The Pecks also run seminars and workshops if you are fortunate enough to live near the locations where they are held.  They also have a web site, which I would also encourage you to visit at: . The sadness and disillusionment that comes in and out of our lives leave residuals, much like stains on a carpet. Every once in a while you need to rent a carpet cleaner and start fresh. For your life, health and happiness I would say this is a great place to start learning the skill of love. 

For more information please call The Love Center at 1 (800) 266-1525.

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