Angel Animal Messages for the Earth 
By Allen and Linda Anderson 



As we travel around the country introducing our book about the spiritual connection between people and animals, we have the good fortune of meeting the most loving people on the planet. Their compassion and love for animals spills over into the rest of their lives in the form of volunteerism, kindness, and care for the earth. 

At bookstore events we ask people who have gathered to meet us, to share their stories of animals in their homes or in nature who have delivered a spiritual messages. Like the Greek meaning of the word angel, we believe that animals are messengers who tell and show us we are loved, protected, and treasured. 

Sometimes the message an animal sends is one that makes humans laugh when they receive it.  A woman at a bookstore told us a story about a delightful and creative little cat.  She’d been observant enough to understand this animal’s message.

It seems this cat for many years had been an “only child”.  A very careful animal, he always looked both ways before crossing the street in front of their house. When the woman brought home a dog, the cat wasn’t sure he was ready or willing to adjust to having a stranger share his home.  He was determined to let her know of his unhappiness with this situation. Very dramatically, and when he would be certain the woman saw him, the cat ran into the street, hurled his body onto the pavement, stretched his arms out as if to say, “I have nothing to live for now that you’ve invaded my space with that dog.” 

Fortunately, no cars were coming.  The woman scooped up the cat into her arms and reassured him that he was still her Number 1 son. When the little thespian finally realized his drama wasn’t going to get the dog thrown out, he adjusted to the change.  Eventually, the two animals became the best of friends. 

Earth Messages
As Native Americans are known to do, we can look to the animal kingdom for messages about how to give all of creation the respect and care it deserves. 

Myrtle, an eighty-five-year-young mother of two cats, wrote to us about her memories of a special cat named Christian. 

Myrtle says she was raised during the Great Depression years.  Her parents worked hard to support their family. When her father got blood poisoning and became too sick to work, her mother took a job as a saleslady at a novelty store. The owner of the business also bred canaries.  To add extra income for her family, Myrtle’s mother decided to raise the birds too.  

The family’s cat Christian, given this name because his favorite napping spot was on the big Bible on the living room table, enjoyed watching the birds when they were in the house. The summer, when her mother started raising birds, was also when Myrtle became what she calls “angel conscious”.  She writes, “Our Sunday school teacher had asked us to memorize a Bible verse about angels. The one I had chosen was Hebrews 13:2: ‘Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.’ Christian was soon to prove he was a cat angel.” 

Every day Christian followed Myrtle’s mother from cage to cage as she fed and watered her canaries.  After the mother birds’ eggs had hatched and the babies were old enough, she moved the entire bird family to the garden aviary where people who wanted to adopt a bird could better see them. Christian spent hours watching the birds in their outdoor home.

One day Myrtle’s mother forgot to secure the padlock on the aviary door, and six baby birds escaped.  She was frantic as the birds flew into the bushes. She ran around, trying to catch them while Christian watched from the sidelines. That’s when he proved his love included all of God’s creatures. 

Myrtle writes, “I guess knowing he was an angel, Christian must have said to himself something like, ‘Fear not. God rescues and He saves.’ (Daniel 6:27) Maybe he thought, This is right up my alley.  Make way for a superior bird catcher.” 

While the family watched, not knowing what would happen to the baby birds, Christian gently scooped them up, one by one, carried them to Myrtle’s mother, and placed each of the babies in her hand.  She then returned the infants to the aviary.  Christian continued his rescue mission until each little bird had been brought home unharmed. 

Myrtle ended her story by saying, “We could hardly believe what we had seen. From then on we knew Christian was one of God’s special angels. Mama’s canary business prospered, and nothing was ever too good for our angel cat.” 

Do you think all creatures have a Divine spark which enables them to choose love over power? We do. 

What If 
These stories and the hundreds we have collected from all over the world show animals as conscious, sentient, spiritual beings who reason, create, and choose.  These are concepts most people find difficult, even unnerving to believe. 

One day, Linda was watching “Good Morning, America”, a daily national television program. That morning the guest was Jack Hanna, accompanied by a man who trains rare and exotic birds.  As the man did his routine of having parrots interact with him by carrying on conversations and finishing his song lyrics, host Elizabeth Vargas kept asking, “But these birds can’t really think, can they? They’re only mimicking humans, right?” Linda found it amusing to hear the note of panic in Elizabeth’s voice at the thought these birds could be something more than intelligent robots. 

So the question for today is: What if?
What if animals are much more than we’ve ever realized? What if they don’t need for us to attribute human characteristics to them but have their own special qualities?  What if, since they’ve lived on this earth for much longer than we have, they know a few things we haven’t figured out yet?  How will this change the way you view and interact with the animals on this earth? What if? 

Allen and Linda Anderson are co-editors of Angel Animals®, Exploring Our Spiritual Connection with Animals (A Plume Book), available in local and Internet bookstores.  The Angel Animals® Website is .  To submit stories, e-mail to  or write to P.O. Box 26488, Minneapolis, MN 55426.  Donations to the nonprofit Angel Animals® Educational Foundation are gratefully accepted. For more information call (612) 925-3309.

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