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Be Humble... for You Are of the Earth

By Mystic Trish

Be Humble, for you are of the Earth.
Be Noble, for you are of the Stars.
ó Serbian Proverb

As we move toward the Galactic center of our universe, what are we going to experience? As we move farther and farther into deep space, what are we going to find? There are many predictions for what the earth is supposed to experience as we move close to and move through the galactic center of our galaxy later this year.

We have several super moons and eclipses set to happen in 2012. How will they impact our oceans? How about those tectonic plates and volcanoes? And what about the solar flares?

Now all these things would be going on here on planet earth even if humans were not here to witness it. Does that make you feel noble or humble? We have had a heck of a ride in the past year on this earth.

There wasnít a day when you could not find a news report on how our own behavior had negatively impacted our environment and contributed to a new natural disaster of the week. We are beginning to look like the natural disaster movies of the week on the Syfy channel.

Are we humbled yet?

Iím not sure how noble most of us feel about the way we are treating the Earth. We should be humble and understand that being allowed to live on Earth is a privilege. Many ancient cultures believed we have our origins on other planets: the South American native people, the Australian aboriginal, even to the ancient Egyptians.

Do you believe in UFOs? Do you believe that the crop circles in England are coded messages? So how much of our trouble is our own fault and how much is the natural cycle of the planet? Are we just accelerating global warming? Have we hastened it along? Are we bringing about our own doom?

Is it really our doom? Or are we as a species just going to transform into higher light beings? What would that look like and how would that happen?

Are we going to push our environment with a human-made disaster? Will it be nuclear or is there a large volcano or tectonic shift that will occur?

Will we get such a large solar flare that it causes massive mayhem in our world and all of our electrical grids are affected and our GPS goes down along with our satellites and global communication?

It is the year of the Dragon Are these the dragons that accompany Kwan Yin, the Asian Goddess of Mercy who hears the cries of humanity? Or is it Quetzalcoatl? If you follow the Mayan prophecies the Quetzalcoatl, the plumed serpent, is supposed to rise this year. Is this a coincidence? And how exactly is he supposed to rise. Maybe that dragon is Jormungand the Midgard serpent that starts Ragnorak.

What did the ancient Maya know? What were they talking about when they said it was the end of a cycle? Was it the beginning of a new one? Or what did the ancient Hindu or Vedic astrologers know? This is the time of the Kali-Yuga, another great time of upheaval and change.

Did the ancients see the environmental mess we have made of our home? Did they see that we would be dealing with ecological disasters? So many in one year, itís hard to hold it all in our mind at once.

Do you feel noble?

The term noblesse oblige has an interesting meaning and history.

The definition is... with privilege comes responsibility; the responsibility to do the right thing and to help the less fortunate. Who is trying to help this cause?

The Libertarian party believes that water and air pollution are an assault on people and therefore they should stop. Do we have other political leaders making a stand and taking some responsibility with their great privileges.

Around my neighborhood I see people trying to make a difference. Some are gardening with plants that do not need as much water. We are using more organic amendments and composting our kitchen scraps and growing our own vegetables.

I even hear chickens in the neighborhood now. Someone near me has a beehive. Recently I heard the bees follow their new queen to start a new hive. The people who are doing these things are fulfilling their karmic contract and acting in line with their dharma or nobleese oblige.

Spring equinox is a time of balance. Can we as a species find balance with our selves and our environment again, before itís too late? If you belong to a group of any kind, take a moment each time you gather to join your energy together and lift up the group energy. If you donít belong to a group join one online. There are several that have scheduled global group meditations.

One of the ways I find balance within myself and my planet is to start my day with a daily ritual. I light a candle and honor the 4 directions with this little daily devotionaló

By the East Wind that Blows
By the South Fire that Glows
By the West Water that Flows
By the North Earth that Grows
By the quarters of the Earth
Do we move among the Stars
In harmony between the Sun and the Moon©

Trisha Howe is a born intuitive who started psychic training at age 15. She has over 30 yearsí experience in Intuitive Counseling, Crystal Healing, Tarot, Mediumship, and Clairvoyance. Contact her at or at (949) 493-0705.