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Feng Shui Concepts
Respecting Mother Earth with Chi Art

By Jenny T. Liu, M.A.

When you take the time to be truly present and fully appreciate what you have, the simplest events can profoundly affect your life. Everything around you, everything you do, every person you meet, will have a message for you and is a teacher.  The best teachers inspire you to see more, want more, and be more. Observe the teachers in your environment, for potential teachers surround you at every moment. I once found an unlikely teacher while peeling a steamed beet.

I marveled at the deep red color of the beet in my hand and couldn’t resist taking a bite. As the sweet earthy sensation filled my mouth, the life cycle of the beet from seed to fleshy vegetable flashed before my inner eye. In that moment, I received a spontaneous message from one of Mother Nature’s teachers: the root of inspiration lies in reconnecting with nature. As long as you seek knowledge, teachers will appear. 

Observing teachers and tuning in to their messages is exactly what we as feng shui masters do for you when we consult with you and your home. We listen and pay attention to the teachers who are in your house, garden, and office, as well as the messages that are revealed in your habits, physical body, selected friends, and family relationships. You may be surprised how much you can learn when you are present and pay attention. Communing with good teachers is crucial. 

I learned to recognize teachers in the environment from my father, Chi Jen Liu. For as long as my father can remember, everything around him — both physical and non-physical — spoke to him with a message. It is no wonder he followed his calling of becoming a feng shui master whose job it is to listen to everything in the environment — sharing what others cannot hear and interpreting what others cannot understand.

Grand Master Liu has the ability to communicate with the universe on many levels. Many of the messages he receives come from tuning into the cosmos through meditation. While in deep meditation, he received a vision and translated it into the Chi Art featured in this article. 

Chi Art contains images and messages of high intelligence and positive power. Every time you look at Chi Art, your brain receives the positive messages. You then reinforce these positive messages with meditation, focused visualizations, and repetitive chanting. 

When you do this, the positive messages become one with the biological functions of your brain and body, and your mind will be able to create the changes you desire on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. Grand Master Liu’s Chi Art is a celebration of the many teachers around us that stimulate our minds and propel us towards achieving our potential and a higher awareness of life. Turtle’s Fantasy of Fortune from Heaven is one of my favorite paintings.

Underneath the translucent surface of our ocean, a world similar to our own world upon land exists. The intuitive dolphin, steadfast turtle, and playful fish in the painting choreograph a fluid dance with lengths of seaweed, as if entertaining an audience. They wave kelp from their mouths like banners, communicating messages they wish to speak.

The fanciful diagram they create with the kelp is more than a passing random pattern — it is a message to humans asking them to have mercy on Mother Earth. With the kelp, the sea life form the mantra charm diagrams promoting “wealth without disaster” to remind humans that harmonizing with nature and its resources is the way to true wealth.

Destructive habits from the land above are having a great impact in the watery depths below. The creatures that have inhabited this planet much longer than we have are sending us an urgent plea. The dolphin — symbolic of harmony and intelligence — reminds us that although humans are lauded for advancing technology, true intelligence works in harmony with nature. The sea turtle represents longevity and the fish are icons of abundance. They come together in Turtle’s Fantasy of Fortune from Heaven to empower you to receive the blessings of health, sustainability, and prosperity without harm.

The message of Turtle’s Fantasy of Fortune from Heaven is a reminder to find better ways of building wealth while sustaining our natural resources. After all, as the ocean lies beneath our land, it is the root of human sustenance and the foundation of our prosperity. When we destroy our precious ocean life, we destroy a vital resource.

This Chi Art allows you to align yourself with the powers of our oceanic friends and receive the profound messages from these teachers. Please send them the positive energy of your love and appreciation, and join them in healing the beauty and majesty of our beloved oceans. 

Master Jenny Liu holds a Bachelors Degree in Environmental Design from UC Berkeley and a Masters Degree in Architecture from UCLA. She is an expert in Feng Shui who shares her knowledge through consultations, seminars, periodicals, and the internet. For more information, see