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Never Old
Tips on Keeping Mind & Body Young

By Jesse Anson Dawn

Jesse Anson Dawn (accurately photographed at age 67), author of the national award-winning book Never “Old,” plus The Rejuvenator’s Bible, speaks out about a most stirring subject: how to personally control the unwanted effects of “aging.”

Presently answering the question: “How do mind-expanding methods affect the aging process?”

Dear Readers,

Ever since I came to realize that mental strength changes everything for the better, my teachings stay duly focused on methods that ((perpetuate)) the irreplaceable powers of the increasingly vivified mind. All of which are techniques that, over time, encourage the need to give the TV a rest, because to truly activate (inner-directed), curing abilities, it highly depends on the mental freedom to learn about them. And an essential part of that freedom is to, somehow find the time to (tune-into) the Body-Guardian Genius Channel — the one now emerging (INSIDE) you — the ((LIFE-saving)) one that, quite crucially, teaches us how—

Perceptions Control
the Majority of Physical Effects

Extensive studies reveal that (perceptively focused) self-concern is the most potently curing power of all — a fact that makes (deeply caring) attention to your mind’s body its saving grace. And to help motivate your ((Inner-Love-Power)) level of being, it truly helps to ask yourself vital questions such as this:

Who is the REAL you? A “you” ruled by TV and pharmaceutical-pushed, [ageism-based] perceptions, or the enlightened TRUE YOU who, step-by-step, learns to maintain your ((preciously needed)) physical well being? Otherwise, dear reader, if you let your curing abilities fade away, you may fail to realize the BIG difference between stimulating self-repair to continually happen, or just wondering WHAT the ?%#! HAPPENED to it?

But fortunately, there are two future-world outcomes open to us: the world of “I wish I had” or the world of “I’m glad I did.” But to avoid falling into the [“I wish I had more time to learn about my body, where can I get a quick-fix?”] mode of thinking, I teach a developing process that is not about “quick fixes,” but one that uncovers your truly (inner-self), where the ((ever-healing REAL YOU)) lives.

As more and more I realize the transformative results of mind-powered, deeply perceptive, healing emanations, and how positive energy creates vastly different physical outcomes than negative energy.

And it’s mainly due to my willfully positive, central-brain-activations that, despite reaching the so-called “elderly” phase of my life, I continue to embody the look and vitality of a “normal” 30 or 35 — just as the recent photo of me (at the top of this article) accurately verifies. Yes, that’s the REAL me at 67, and that’s my REAL hair, and my surgery-free, make-up-free, REAL face. And you can be quite sure of that, because nothing is deceptive or ineffective about my regeneration-reviving methods, mainly because I perceptively LIVE by faithfully practicing this steadily helpful truism:

Healing oneself is not a physical, but a deeply MENTAL process.

Thus by intently actualizing that fact, I have, quite naturally, kept nearly the same face and body for over 30 years — a result that often urges people to ask me: “How long can your methods keep working so well?” And my true-to-life answer to that is this:

Mental energy ((PERPETUALLY)) heals, but its ongoing ability greatly depends on not falling into what I call:

The Skeptic Tank

Dear mind and body, together we STAY, freed from the Skeptic Tank of rapid decay — is a regular prayer of mine, helping me overcome the cynical notion that self-empowered curing is not “scientifically established.” But if all of “science” is based on actual reality, then bumblebees couldn’t fly, because “scientifically” its wings are too small to lift its body. However, bumblebees ((positively)) launch themselves anyway — a superb talent that I, and perhaps you too, would like to have the wings to do. But quite delightfully, sometimes I feel like I’m ((mindfully)) flying, especially when learning self-renewing skills.

And amid that elevated awareness, I’m reminded of this classic line from Ben Franklin: “Without books for the mind and body, a house is not a home.” Or as Albert Einstein wisely put it: “Most of all, this world needs truly safe and natural, multidimensional methods of self-curing.”

And with those two revelations duly comprehended and utilized, maybe we can finally transcend the increasingly outdated, [Old Era] system of treating disease and “aging” with merely drugs and surgery, and thereby advance onto a truly New Era of Consciousness...

“Youthman Messenger” Jesse will answer questions (about real rejuvenation and ((protection-energy)) by emailing