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By Lyda Whiting

Written by Jesse Dowell
Illustrated by Seth Rios

While resting in the forest, Cody imagines a different world. Itís a surprise when Cody opens his eyes and finds himself in that world, with a giant creature right in front of him. Cody is a little afraid, but heís curious too. The creature talks to Cody, and introduces him to three other animals. Cody and his new friends set out on a quest to the bottom of a volcano, in search of a legendary treasure. What will they find?

This book invites children to join Cody for a magical adventure in their imagination. Young readers will be excited as they journey along with the unusual characters and discover a completely different world. The illustrations are colorful and expressive, enhancing the text but leaving room for the readerís imagination too.

The author is a ten-year-old who started writing this story in second grade, and who has won poetry contests at school since kindergarten. His enthusiasm and creativity shine on every page. This book, and the author, will inspire children to write their own imaginative stories.

Recommended for ages 4 and up.

Published by Inkwell Productions, this book is available at or

Written by Elin Kelsey
Illustrated by Clayton Hanmer

How can your clothing choices help the planet? How can we feed ourselves, and take care of the earth at the same time? How can new gadgets help the environment?

Reading this book may make you feel hopeful about the environment. It is packed with things that kids (and their parents) can actually do for the environment, from donating their old sneakers, to growing an urban garden.

Readers learn how scientists are using natureís ideas to create new products and methods that are eco-friendly, which includes being good for people too. They learn how bees are connected to burgers and world peace, and how cell phones are connected to gorillas. They even meet a sustainable happiness researcher!

This book presents complicated ideas in an entertaining and understandable way, without placing blame or oversimplifying. It empowers children and adults to help make a difference by giving them simple steps they can do. Filled with colorful cartoons, this book will capture the imagination of all ages.

Recommended for ages 5 and up.

Published by Owlkids Book Inc., this book is available at your local bookstore.

Written by Paula Ginsburg
Illustrated by Julie Freeman and Anka Trubnikov

What can one child do to help the planet? It seems overwhelming at first. But when you focus on one simple thing, itís amazing what you can accomplish!

Written in rhyme and narrated by a friendly seagull, this book gives children inspiration to start with just one small action to help improve their neighborhood and the world. Early readers will find this book fun, and younger children will like having it read to them while they search every illustration for the seagull.

The author is a public school teacher who was looking for a way to bring environmental awareness to her students. They decided to create a homemade poster campaign to reduce the use of napkins in restaurants. Their project has expanded to include thousands of students and hundreds of cafes, and has been going strong for twenty years. It is now a symbol that reminds us how we can make a difference in small easy ways.

For ages 5 and up.

Published by the author, this book is available at or email:

Written by Laurie Friedman
Illustrated by Jennifer Kalis

Mallory is excited to be on her elementary schoolís environmental committee. She wants to make her school and home more friendly to the environment. But as soon as she decides to go green, things start going wrong. Her family and friends donít appreciate Mallory helpfully pointing out what they are doing to waste energy and resources. Her classmates donít appreciate Mallory deciding on the class project for the Green Fair on her own. Mallory does not understand why no one is listening to her. In fact, most of the people she knows arenít even talking to her any more.

The relaxed, first-person narrative makes it feel as if Mallory is talking directly to the reader. Kids learn how to go green, and that it is a lot easier with the cooperation of the people around them, and a lot more fun too.

Early readers may need a bit of help with a few words, but should be able to read it easily. There are fun illustrations of Mallory and her friends, and the text is divided into short chapters.

For ages 8 and up.

Published by Darby Creek, this book is available at your bookstore.