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By Lyda Whiting

Produced and Directed by Tony Miller
Music by Peter Sterling

Do angels exist? If they do, what roles do they play in our lives? Do they watch over us? Can they help us? Do they communicate with us? Can we connect with them? What is an angel, anyway? Are there dif-ferent kinds of angels?

Almost 70% of Americans believe in angels. Do you? Join the filmmakers on a journey to discover the answers for yourself.

Filled with beautiful images of angels in art and popular culture, this film features extensive interviews with Doreen Virtue, Susanna Hart, Terry Lynn Taylor, Mica Monet, Amirah Hall, Keiko Anaguchi, and many others who work with the angels every day. There are also clips of people on the street talking about their own beliefs about angels.

The music by Peter Sterling, known for his beautiful harp playing and ethereal compositions, is performed by the Quantum Leap Music Collective.

This new documentary is available on two DVDs, Part 1, “Calling All Angels” and Part 2, “Heaven on Earth.” Each DVD runs about an hour.

Do angels exist? Watch this film, and decide for yourself. Perhaps, as one man says, “All of us are angels. We just don’t know it.”

Produced by A Cut Above Productions, these DVDs are available at or at Things from Heaven, an angel store at 365 E. Main St., Ventura, CA 93001.