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Devaa Haley Mitchell
Re-Awakening the Sacred Feminine

By Michael Diamond

Devaa Haley Mitchell is a spiritual guide, public speaker, and musician who I first had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing when I reviewed her excellent “Sacred Alchemy” CD for the September/October 2011 issue of Awareness Magazine. The thematic vision of the recording is the exploration and expression of wisdom and power of female spiritual archetypes.

The album musically reflects 13 faces of the Goddess, including Tara, Kali, Mary Magdalene, Isis, Aphrodite, Pele, and others. Devaa uses her music as a vehicle for the expansion of consciousness and the re-awakening of the sacred feminine — something that is greatly needed in our world today. This album certainly achieves its goal of “expressing the glory of God/Goddess and love for Spirit embodied in all that surrounds us.”

The theme of unity and communion is also reflected in her work as the founder of the Inspiring Women Summit (, which is a virtual gathering of more than 55,000 participants from more than 160 countries. According to Devaa: “This is perhaps the most exciting time in history to be a woman on this planet.

We are part of the vanguard of a new era, in which women and feminine qualities are restored into partnership with the masculine. While it’s true that our world faces many crises, never before as women have we had so many tools, resources and freedoms to wake up and consciously evolve ourselves, and the world around us.”

Another avenue she channels her energy and service into is her Soulful Women Certificate Program ( This is a 9-month initiation to prepare participants to step out and play a bigger role in ushering in a new era based on the principles of love, peace and co-creation — including with men.

The program combines the wisdom and depth of an ancient mystery school, deep inner work and practical business skills one needs to deeply impact the world and enjoy a fulfilling and prosperous life in all areas. She describes it in this way:

“To make the larger Shift in our world will require a powerful network of awake, embodied, clear women leaders who can, in turn, help other women stand fully in their power, love, and service. In turn, these women can stand with powerful, sacred noble men in partnership to create a template for the new humanity. We have seen that some processes of healing, initiation and empowerment are better done with other sisters; the love and power released can be astonishing.”

For over twenty years, Devaa has been on the forefront of the spiritual growth and human potential movement. In addition to having earned a Master’s degree at Stanford University, she is currently finishing her doctoral work and will receive her D-Min in 2012.

She is also a co-founder of The Shift Network and has held an administrative position at The Institute Of Noetic Sciences. There is no doubt that her transformational work will only keep expanding as time goes on.

While she “recognizes the path of the sacred feminine as her spiritual home,” it is important to remember that each of us, no matter our gender, has male and female qualities in varying degrees, and that the awakening of the sacred feminine is of great value to all humanity in our quest to become whole and balanced beings.

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