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By Sonia von Matt Stoddard

22 Young Women and Men Who Are Saving the Planet
Edited By Emily Hunter

Transcending the boundaries of a world conceived as comprised of only resources and exploitation, to a world streaming with life and vulnerability, we are introduced to 22 crusaders who fight for animals and the elements. We see their failures and successes, along with a welcome to join in their fight against interests of those who live in this world for policy that benefits profit and pleasure over principle.

Our generation bears the responsibility of making positive changes to our planet. Every person’s story, from around the world, shows us that every individual is capable of creating positive change that will have massive impact, and continue to build energy toward the creation of a new world, one with renewable energy and sustainable economy.

These are the stories of wars being fought against denialists of an old regime that cares only about profit, at the expense of human life. We are inspired by each individual’s experience associated with the cause close to their heart, and are invited to join the battle.

Published by Conari Press, this book is available at your local bookstore or

Changing the Way We Think, to Create the World We Want
By Frances Moore Lappé

If we can learn to remake our “mental map” and move away from our preconceptions, we can think and function more like an ecosystem and lessen the impact of the current systemic destruction that has incurred since the conception of our industrialized world. By breaking free from our current core beliefs and opening up to seeing the possibilities around us, we can realize our power to change. This is what marks the cultivation of our “eco-mind.”

The author deconstructs seven common “thought traps” about ourselves and our ecology, and offers a new mental framework that stimulates the imagination and dissolves feelings of powerlessness. Throughout the work, she shows examples of how people are tackling problems by aligning with nature, rather than fighting against it.

Included are breakthroughs in neuroscience and ecology, showing us that the only choice we don’t have is whether to change the world. By understanding and acting upon the theories in this book, we will change it, and with positive results.

Published by Nation Books, a member of the Perseus Books Group, this book is available at your local bookstore or

Spirit Medicine for Global Transformation
By Nicki Scully & Mark Hallert
(Includes CD of Guided Visualization)

The tools, practices and processes in this book are designed to foster new ideas and increase creativity in solving problems, revealing how to move beyond helplessness to active participation in global healing. As technology and science replaced beauty, it was, in effect, traded for utility.

The authors believe by engaging in shamanic-based journeys and practices, along with visualization exercises (with help inspired by the included CD) we can replace our negative direction with physical, emotional, spiritual and environmental healing across time and space.

This book is a do, rather than a read. Each chapter fosters a continuing process through practice, with examples and exercises on how to accomplish each. You will learn how to identify, then connect with feelings and concepts like love, fear, and healing, then continue to transformation at the deepest level, resulting in a positive release of energy that can be utilized by all.

Published by Bear & Company, this book is available at your local bookstore or at

Unleashing the Power of Plant-Based Nutrition
By J. Morris Hicks with J. Stanfield Hicks

Our craving for the rich Western diet has intensified to the point that we have virtually abandoned the type of natural, plant-based foods that nature intended for us to burn as energy.

With dairy and meat products and excessive refined sugars and fats accounting for the majority of our diets, the lack of whole plants in our diets have led to an abundance of diseases, including obesity, diabetes, heart disease and stroke, as well as many others. Most health issues are fast-food driven. And, what you eat not only affects you as an individual, but also has ramifications on the environment.

This isn’t a weight-loss book, but rather about how adopting a diet of whole plant foods will enable your body to find its ideal weight effortlessly and permanently. Divided into three sections, focusing on health, global issues associated with a deteriorating environment and some practical changes based on plant-based meals, this book shows us how to make health your primary objective. Everything else will follow.

Published by BenBella Books, this book is available at your local bookstore or

Reflections on Nature
By John O’Donohue

Air, water, fire and stone: the breath of God, the tears of the earth, at home at the hearth of spirit and as the tabernacle of memory. This book is a very poetically written landscape that leads us back to those basic natural elements we knew as children, but may have forgotten as adults lost in the noisy and busy realities of daily life.

We may have lost the wonderful and mystical qualities of our minds, but by coming back to an interaction with these elements, we may be able to restore our spirit, bringing a deeper meaning to who and what we are, and what our purpose is for being in this life.

By exploring a range of themes relating to the way in which we live our lives today, the natural energy and rhythm of the natural world, its innocence and creativity, power and splendor, we are introduced to the important lesson of how to benefit most from the wisdom of the earth.

Published by Harmony Books, this book is available at your local bookstore or