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Our Health and
Our Environmental Connection

By Sandy Kay

By understanding our bodies and our divine connection to all the elements around us, we can create, build and sustain a healthy mind, body and spirit.

What if there is one common thread underlying health and balance in every area of your life? What if it didnít involve magic potions, how-to seminars or step-by-step plans? What if I said you already have all the tools at your finger tips? Would you like to know what it is? Itís energy. OK, maybe this isnít such a big secret.

Learning how to integrate the energies and essences of nature with our body and lifestyle has been the base for Eastern Healing for thousands of years. We have incorporated a few styles known as Reiki, Acupressure and Shiatsu. In ancient times, healers did not have the knowledge of cells, bones, muscles, chemistry or biology. But they did have their senses, intuition and experience.

After working with people over thousands of years, they began to see how the elements of the environment were harmoniously interwoven in a delicate balance, and how ever-changing forces of nature influenced the human body. Physics, Chemistry and Quantum Physics all support the connection between energy, the elements of our environment and the healthy vitality of mind and body.

So what is energy? We canít see energy directly but we can see results of too much or too little. Modern quantum physics recognizes that the underlying force of basic manifestation is energy without mass.

In China, a system to represent energy was developed known as ďThe Yin and Yang Theory.Ē This has become the basis for most Oriental healing arts. Yang energy comes down from the heavens and Yin comes up from the earth; colliding and uniting in our bodies, forming a primary channel of energy.

Like streams forming from rivers, many channels or meridians are formed from the primary channel, leading out from our core to the organs and outer limbs of our body, nourishing and activating our metabolic processes. The early practitioners of Oriental massage, experienced electric-type energy flowing through the body and discovered energy vortexes called Chakras, as well as doorways to the channels of energy called Points or Tsubos.

Understanding that meridians move through the body connecting and coordinating to meet our bodyís requirements in an efficient and complex network, The Five Transformations or the Five Element Theory was developed. When we are balanced and aligned with characteristics of the five elements: Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal, the seasons, hours of the day and climate, we can better understand and address the challenges in our minds and bodies.

When yin/yang, seven chakras, five transformations, meridian and point theories are integrated with an intention of compassion and reverence, they provide the basis for a powerful and complete system of healing.

Sandy Kay has been a Licensed Massage Therapist and Holistic Wellness Practitioner since 1998. She is an expert in reading the bodyís meridians and designing wellness packages personalized for each individual client. Call (714) 454-8568 or email: