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Ascension Portal 2012
Mayan Atlantis Discovered?

By Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa

While it is generally accepted that the infamous Guatemalan Crystal skulls are Atlantean in origin, what most are not aware of is that the secrets of the skulls were kept at Lake Atitlán in Guatemala with the Mayans. This captivating lake is the legendary resting place of Kings, Queens and Tribal Chiefs from all of the Americas. Discoveries of the “remains” of chiefs from as far north as Canada and as far south as Brazil have confirmed what mystical travelers have always known. This is one of the most mystically sacred areas in the Americas. 

The extraordinary secrets that have been held here and the return of the Ascended Masters abode of the Crystalline city above the lake, all point toward one fact . . . Atlantis is rising . . . again . . . and calling to those who are ready to remember. This goes beyond any “new-age” fantasy or story. The science and the keepers of the ancient secrets are all in agreement and there is more!

Archaeologists are finally exploring the sunken Mayan city that was discovered 16 years ago: a heavily-guarded secret due to the extraordinary condition of the site. When first discovered the High Priests of the Maya were not eager for continued revelation of this city, and with good reason! The discovery was at first dismissed as quoted here from a CDNN article.

“Samabaj, the first underwater archaeological ruins excavated in Guatemala, were discovered accidentally 16 years ago by a diver exploring the picturesque Lake Atitlan, ringed by Mayan villages.

“No one believed me, even when I told them all about it. They just said ‘he’s mad’,” said Roberto Samayoa, a recreational diver who grew up near the lake where his grandmother told him legends of a sunken church. In 1996, he found the site, with buildings and huge ceremonial stones, known as stelae, clearly visible. It was clear Mayan pilgrims flocked to worship at this site before it was submerged by rising waters.”

The 4,300 square-foot area is being mapped with sonar technology and excavation of structures has begun. Beautiful Lake Atitlán is the deepest lake in Central America, and its bottom has not been completely sounded. The mysteries it contains defy the mind and invite humanity to deeper remembrance and recognition of our cosmic roots. The presence of ancient mysticism allows us to release our pre-conceived notions and to restore ourselves to a greater wisdom that sits within the heart of all humanity.

What is quite “bewildering” to those leading the exploration is the perfect condition of the city and lack of “bodies.” Pottery is intact and for those who are aware of the exact location, the energy emanating from this site is tangible and powerful. 
• Is this a bona fide ancient ascension portal? 
• Is this why the ancient tribal chiefs, Kings and Queens from all over the Americas chose to be brought here upon their transition? 
• Is this why only high priests and priestesses have inhabited the shores of the lake and its now submerged sacred islands?
• Why has this stunning discovery been “hidden” for 16 years and is just now being discussed?

It will not go unnoticed by Atlantis researchers that this new site at Lake Atitlán bears striking similarities to the legend of Atlantis. Let’s look at the similarities and facts:
• It is generally well accepted that Atlantis is a sunken city.
• Atlantis was on an island surrounded by water.
• Atlantis had great advanced technology and cosmic connection.
• The inhabitants of Atlantis “scattered” upon the imminent demise of their civilization.
• Is the name of this lake a “coded” message for those who are willing to open the ancient codex? Atitlán!

Several years ago, we published the best-selling book, 2012 Atlantean Revelations. In that book we shared never before known information about the origins of Atlantis on our planet. Shortly after the release of this book, we were called to begin dialogue and reconnection with the Mayan Elders.

In conjunction with direct guidance from the Archangelic realm we were lead “back” to Lake Atitlán and quickly “adopted” by the High Priests and the Sacred Oracle of the Maya. We were shown the ancient city now being made public and we were honored to witness the rise of the Ascended Masters Abode of the Crystalline City that the ancient Maya have spoken of for eons yet never made public.

With assistance from the elders we were guided to become the custodians of sacred land. It is the exact location of an ancient lakeside temple attended to by the priests and priestesses for thousands of years. This temple is in the exact location that overlooks the newly-revealed Mayan Atlantis and in direct alignment with the strongest “nagual” of the lake, The Sleeping Giant

Close friends with the High Priest of the Maya, we are able to share these gifts with those who are called to re-connect with their mystical Atlantean heritage that has ignited for all of humanity… again. This is a 2012 moment for EVERYONE! 

2012 is not as much about a date as it is about the choice we are making! Atlantis is rising as are the ascension portals for those who are ready to experience them again.

The visitors streaming to the shores of Lake Atitlán at pristine TOSA La Laguna are experiencing miraculous shifts in their lives. The nature reserve that is now under our protection, in conjunction with the authentic Mayan ceremonial site and sacred geometrical location on the lake are true magic.

As was shared by the High Priest of the Mayan while tears poured from his eyes:
“Anyone who comes here with sincerity in their heart will be cured of anything. It can be physical, mental or spiritual.  For this is a sacred spot and it has been carefully and perfectly re-ignited.  The time of the eagle and the condor has again come forward!”

Profound gifts are waiting for humanity as this ascension portal ignites again. Are we ready to discover Atlantis again? That is the greatest gift of 2012 . . . it is your choice!

Learn more about this powerful energy and Lake Atitlan by visiting, In addition to 2012: Atlantean Revelations, you may also enjoy Sri and Kira’s newest book, 2013: Mayan Sunrise available at Amazon and your favorite bookseller. Sri and Kira are documenting the journey of 2012 in the land of the Maya at their website,