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Speak Like the Force of Nature You Are

By Lee Glickstein

Twenty years ago I was determined to heal my severe public speaking anxiety organically, since conventional methods did not work for me. What I discovered in the process was that the most powerful healing for self-consciousness is to allow yourself to get listened into existence as the force of nature you are.

The expression “force of nature” came up a few years ago in praise of Olympians like Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt. But each of us is a force of nature, an unrepeatable miracle, a personalized energy field seeking expression of our greatest good. Even weeds demonstrate this as they break through the smallest fissure in the cement sidewalk to reach out to the sun.

It is the habitual illusion of separation — from each other and from creation — that causes so many of us to install a cement ceiling on our psyche hindering us from reaching toward full expression. This illusion of separation engenders self-consciousness and anxiety, and has us pounding the pavement with our heads trying to break free of a self-imposed prison of mind.

We have something to learn from weeds, which heed the call of the sun. The weed is not separate from the sun nor the sidewalk nor the fissures in the cement, and so embraces the fissures and flows through them into emergence.

What is our equivalent of the sun that calls us forth as a force of nature?

Here is my view. When we were infants, the eyes of one or both of our parents were the unblocked sun: warm, bright, embracing, expansive, receptive, available. They reflected our integrity as a force of nature so we could express ourselves into those eyes unself-consciously, and we could be silent in those eyes with no anxiety. But as our personalities emerged, there came a time for many of us when great clouds eclipsed the sun: scowls, disapproval, blame, shame, distraction, self-absorption, fear.

At some point we lost our safe harbor, our true home, our spacious listening through the eyes of unconditional love. The disappearance of such listening is the genesis of self-consciousness and the illusion of separation.

Meanwhile, underground, our wild weed nature unrelentingly seeks listening eyes, our sun. Essential listening is the prescription to wholeness, our channel to unselfconscious expression as a force of nature.

Make a practice of getting regular uninterrupted listening, with a friend, a loved one, or a safe group setting. And don’t take for granted the people in your life who give you special listening. Honor them for letting you shine.

Lee Glickstein is founder of Speaking Circles International and author of Be Heard Now: Tap Into Your Inner Speaker and Communicate with Ease (Broadway Books and Sounds True Audiotapes), and the Ebook, The Alchemy of Influence. He facilitates groups in “leadership transmission” through Relational Presence, and will offer programs in Pasadena on Friday evening, March 9, and Saturday, March 10.