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Can We Save the Planet for $1.00
Public Support Encouraged for New Eco-Kids TV Show

By David Greene

In today’s economy, will families donate $1 or more to save the planet? Mike Miller, co-founder of Big MaMa Earth Entertainment, is counting on it. Miller, known as Grandpa Mikey to his grandkids, is a TV infomercial producer, a past executive search consultant and has been an environmentalist his entire life.

“Our environment is in peril — approaching a tipping point,” and “our children, being the future of our planet, can show us the way.” To encourage everyone to take action, Miller and his team are developing the first Eco-Kids TV Show called, “Big MaMa Earth & ME.”

The TV show will engage, inspire, and empower children, teachers, and families to take action. It will teach them about environmental solutions they can implement in their homes, schools, and communities. The show will be a blend of a green Hannah Montana, Wild Kingdom, and Sesame Street.

The Big MaMa Earth “Learning Experience,” which is the hub of the TV show, has been portrayed by many as like an “Eco-Disney Act on Wheels.” Miller designed a circus-looking solar-powered 20’ trailer with a drop-down stage and a professional sound system that is pulled by a new Ford F-150 Eco-boost truck. Original Eco-theme songs such as: Big MaMa Earth & ME, Big MaMa Earth’s Crying Out, Go Green & Clean, Save the World, Change, and others are performed by Ross and the Eco-Earth Kids on the Big MaMa Earth stage.

Big MaMa Earth Entertainment has 36 animated characters in the development stage in which Big MaMa Earth is the main character. Her friends, “Sammy Sea,” “RainForest Tree-O,” and “Pukey Pollution” were released to support and interact with Big MaMa Earth at events and in the Eco-TV series.  As the Eco-TV series grows in popularity, other animated characters will be released and additional walk-around theme characters will be produced to keep the Eco-TV series fresh, unique, and exciting.

The Big MaMa Earth Learning Experience co-hosted 17 high-profile events in 2011, from the Aquarium of the Pacific — Kids Fun Run, Let freedom Ring on July 4th at CBS studios, to ABC 7’s Spark of Love Toy Drive. In 2012 they will be co-hosting the Dana Point Whale Festival on March 3rd & 4th and Earth Day in San Diego at Balboa Park on April 22nd and invites the public to visit them.

Miller believes the public will want to be involved in the creation of this TV show and is asking us to pledge. To pledge $1 or more, go to the Kickstarter website which is an established social media funding platform which helps artists, companies and entrepreneurs.

Type “Big MaMa Earth” into the discover bar and the project will appear. Then watch the video and read the information. On the top right side, you will see a button – “Donate $1 or more.” Please click on it and begin a simple registration for Kickstarter and Amazon. You’ve just helped save our Planet.

Why should I care or pledge to create this Eco-Kids TV Show? Since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, humankind has over-consumed many of the earth’s natural resources to a point of exhaustion, with little regard for the long-term effects on our planet and its inhabitants. We must be good stewards of our planet and STOP this destructive cycle.

Our children are our future and they will learn through this TV Show. Please do not think of it as a donation! Think of it as an Environmental Protection Plan for future generations. If you see the value in this TV Show, pledge and be part of History!

Are Miller and his team doing this for profit? According to Miller a large portion of the proceeds, which the show will generate through advertising, will be donated to the Big MaMa Earth Foundation to enhance environmental education in schools.

Big MaMa Earth is dedicated to empowering children and families everywhere to take action through the dissemination of factual and non-biased scientific information that is both enlightening and entertaining. This initiative will bring about positive, incremental changes, and ultimately fuel humankind’s reconnection to Mother Earth.

Miller encourages kids, families, and corporations to review the website at and view the “Events,” “Photo,” and “TV/Press” sections to experience how Big MaMa Earth and the Eco-Earth Kids are loved by children, families, and teachers. See how they inspire and empower others.

For more information about the Big MaMa Earth project, please contact Mike Miller at (951) 244-8444, or e-mail