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Kids Konserve™ Lessens Lunchtime Waste

By Courtney Straub

Kids Konserve™, manufacturer of non-toxic, waste-free lunch packing items for both kids and adults, helps make lunch and other on-the-go meals more sustainable. The company transforms waste-producing plastic bottles into reusable, Insulated Lunch Totes, and offers reusable, waste-free “Food KoziesTM” as an alternative to plastic baggies.

“While the movement to eat healthier picks up steam, many people still rely on plastic baggies and paper sacks to carry their lunch to the office, throwing bags “away” after use,” explained Chance Claxton, Kids Konserve co-founder. “Our research indicates that the average child creates 67 pounds of lunchtime trash, headed to our ever-growing landfills each school year! We are providing kids and adults with healthier lunch-packing solutions, better for both people and planet.”

More than 60 million plastic water bottles are thrown away in the U.S. each day. On Earth Day, or any day, put them to good use and help ease this environmental burden with a Kids Konserve Insulated Lunch Tote.

To offset the 500 billion to a trillion plastic bags consumed worldwide each year, ditch plastic baggies and wrap food in a reusable, recyclable and BPA-free Kids Konserve Food Kozy™. Kozies are ideal for preserving the freshness of everything from sandwiches, bagels and fruit slices to large blocks of cheese. They can also be used to wrap meats and vegetables for refrigeration.

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