Something Wonderful Is Happening
in England
By Cariel Quinly


England's sacred sites and crop circles are reawakening the shaman in us and bringing balance to the planet. The ancient wisdom stored here is being activated at this time to enable us to connect to Earth and the cosmos so we can glean our place in the Universe and experience wholeness/balance. Shamanic traditions have provided us with this important information for eons. Our earliest spirituality, Wicca, Native American Tradition, Egyptian Mysteries and the Celtic Religion are rooted in shamanism. We hunger for this ancient wisdom which is why so many gravitate toward these traditions and sacred sites, and the reason I am again hosting the Mystical England, Solar Eclipse, Crop Circle and Labyrinth Tour.

Last summer was my third annual "Heartlink" tour. It began in July 1998 with several days in fabled Glastonbury, Avalon, Land of the Goddess, King Author & the Holy Grail. Our pilgrimage took us to several powerful sites beginning with the Glastonbury Abbey Park, the ruins of the Abbey and the grave site of Author and Guinivere.

We had an inspiring ceremony at Mary's Chapel in a special section called "the crypt", mysteriously open to us, this area is usually gated. It is the location of the original pagan worshipping site and special spring/well dedicated to the Sacred Elements and Mother Earth. Here we chanted the Great Invocation and Communion of Souls Invocation, as though inspired by a "perpetual choir of Angels" we broke into song resonating within the chamber. The energies were so extraordinary many saw beautiful violet colors and visions of the Divine Mother.

At the Chalice Well Garden we performed a wonderful healing ceremony around the "Blood Spring," said to have healing power, colored red from the high iron content. We visited the Tor, the Holy Hill, a three- dimensional labyrinth, considered to be the entry way into Avalon or Paradise. St. Michael's Tower is all that remains of the church at the top, we stood there in the center as the wind whistled and whipped around, our words of love and praise echoed out to the Universe.

The Heartlink group experienced many Crop Circles, walked inside the formations, and felt the extraordinary energy of the sacred geometry patterns.

We visited Avebury, considered the planet Heart Chakra and wondered at the mile-wide outer Stone Circle and huge standing stones creating two inner circles. In the Cove, the inner circle God/Goddess Stones represent the Divine Marriage, Holy Union. At West Kennett Long Barrow, a prehistoric Goddess mound, we prayed and chanted, while I experienced a vision of Zeus floating before me.

For many the climax of the Heartlink tours has been our special viewing time in the Great Stonehenge. We approached the multi-dimensional portal chanting. We wove our way through the thirty Great Master Stones, prayed, healed and celebrated with the Global Peace Meditation, linking over 300 people in ten countries, sending out love and light to all souls everywhere.

Heartlink '99 (August 1-12) will be an incredible event. We will view the last total solar eclipse of this millennium. The Grail Cup eclipse will form a Grand Cross, the Earth in the center, which we will view from the Tor, Holy Hill. Additionally the tour includes Labyrinths, the Goddess Conference and mystical Tintagel. Join us for this amazing pilgrimage and Solar Eclipse Activation.

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