By Jim Kinney


Write down and examine your beliefs about "responsibility" and "fun." Donšt write down what you think you should believe; write down what you believe. In some instances, you will find that it seems you feel one way but believe another. In the instances where you are doing that, follow your feelings for they will lead you to your beliefs. Look at these questions on an intimate basis. You may find that they spill over into your ideas of what you think is "good" and "bad."

When we were children our parents told us many things that formed our beliefs and we probably still believe most of them. We are no longer these children and we are not held to the beliefs our parents taught us. But often we operate with the belief as though it is so, a fact. It is now time to form your own beliefs. I encourage you to play with this and formulate the beliefs we choose to have. It is up to you to say, "I am myself, I'm no longer at the mercy of any childhood beliefs unless I choose to be." You cannot blame your childhood beliefs on your present position unless you insist on doing so, which will only hamper your own freedom. Choose to use your conscious mind - that is why we have one. Assert your own independence and your own being.

Let's create a playful way of working with our beliefs. How does one actually go about changing their beliefs? One of the first things that you must understand is your thoughts have an electromagnetic reality. Now, you must hold this as true, or what I'm about to say will sound like Pollyanna nonsense. For example, when you think in terms of abundance and plenty, those thoughts draw to you abundance and plenty as a magnet would. Now there will be a time lag while you are changing your beliefs.

For example, you will find yourself in a period where you will feel very self-deceptive. Where you are saying, "I am surrounded by wealth and abundance," but you look around you and you still see that you are lacking. And you think that this is a lot of bull. Understand that it took some time for you to build up your beliefs to the point of your present experience. So know that in this reality there may be some lag before your new beliefs draw to you wealth and abundance.

Your physical experience follows your thought. And you cannot change the experience without first changing your thought. Now it does no good to believe two things at the same time. So what you do is this: You say, "I will play around with this idea. I will admit it might be possible that my own thoughts about money are causing my lack of it. And so for the fun of it, I will pretend several times a day that I am surrounded by abundance. And in my mind, I will imagine the things I want. If it does not work, I haven't lost a thing, but if it works, I will have gained a lot!" So I encourage you to try this for several weeks. And each time you do, you will find that the idea becomes a little more possible, a little more real. And in the meantime, these thoughts are changing the belief you had. Or at least balancing them. And they begin to draw unto you abundance.

There is no other way to change your physical reality, but by changing your thoughts. Many times we fail to realize that it took us quite a bit of time to build up the mass of our beliefs, therefore we should realize that it will take us some time to redirect them as well. Oftentimes in our present reality, we want instant change. I refer to this as the "Mc-Donald's effect" - we pull up to the drive-up window and get our order with very little or no waiting. We just don't like having to wait. We also hold this same mentality in our process of change. We think, "Hey I've been doing this for five minutes. Now where is my money?" I will also tell you that if you can change your belief in a split second with enough strength and intensity reversing yourself in mid air so to speak, then the results could be instantaneous.

If you think of the past as top heavy with power and yourself as powerless in the moment, then because of your beliefs, you are at the mercy of your past, and therefore your present and future. If you feel you are consciously alive and alert in the moment and realize that the present moment is your point of power, then your can see yourself as who you truly are. As the creator of your experience individually and creator of that self you know.

I encourage you to look within the self that you know for the wisdom that is indeed your own. From many different viewpoints, we have focused on a belief system that leaves us to conclude we cannot trust our neighbor, and worse, that we cannot trust ourselves. We need to understand it is not that we can't be trusted, it's that we can't trust ourselves. When you mistrust your being, you block your energy in many areas. You keep guard upon yourself and you draw events into your life that will confirm your mistrust about yourself and the people around you. If you learn to trust your being, then you will begin to be able to trust your neighbor and civilization and institutions, but not until. The world is not in dire straights because you trust yourself, but precisely because you do not.

Learn how to reach unexpressed emotions and hidden desires that stand between you and happiness. Once this is achieved, we will make the world a better and much more enjoyable experience for all of us to share. Become a light bearer and begin to shine. Start today.

Jim Kinney has a private practice that incorporates Energetic Refocusing & Balancing using Breathwork, Psycho-Neural Integration (PNI), Dreamwork, Relationship Coaching, Intuitive Guidance and/or Emotional Release and Healing. Also, Jim and his wife, Anne, offer a variety of experiential and life-changing courses and methods that open doors for new insights and new perspectives unleashing one's creative abilities with unlimited possibilities by removing all doubts and fears which can block one's life's path. He can be reached by calling Expanding Visions at (949) 722-1962.

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