A Hidden Gem in the Desert
By Helena Young



Renew - Rejuvenate your mind and body at Cactus Springs, or just get away. California has always been home to trend-setting spas and therapies - now you can get away to the healing properties of the desert; clean air, hot mineral water pools, clean, up-to-date accommodations.

Cactus Springs has taken its programs/health concepts to yet another level. Located 13 miles from the Palm Springs Airport, this unique spa can offer you weekend use (2 night minimum) with a variety of packages available. Never more than 18 guests, reservations are a must, as Cactus Springs only advertises in this publication, and accepts guests through referrals (AKA word of mouth). Retreats are also popular and booked two months in advance.

The philosophy behind this spa is "If you don't have your health, you have nothing". There is no excuse not to feel energized, refreshed and balanced. If your goal is a healthy lifestyle - and you need a change - this is your ticket.

At Cactus Springs, what you wear is not as important as what you will accomplish by simply de-stressing. So bring your casual and comfortable clothes - shorts/T-shirts, (warm-ups November-March when evenings can require something a little warmer). Cactus Springs offers a variety of spa services from colon therapy, facials, body polishes, massages, etc. to mind, body and spirit services. The spa has also introduced some new programs: The European DETOX Juicing Program, The Relaxing Runaway Weekend, plus an all new Energy Healing Workshop.

Since energy is the foundation of all physical things - by understanding, balancing and cultivating our energies we can improve our health and performance. You will discover how to bring more energy into your exhausted body, strengthen your immune system and feel more alive, healthy, and exuberant. Another all new workshop is the Emotional Wellness Workshop.

We are proud to introduce Dr. Vodon, who will be conducting specific workshop weekends. Dr. Vodon is a Chiropractic Sports Medicine Performance Specialist who has been treating Olympic track athletes for more than 20 years. Her success with these programs lies in a comprehensive approach that includes the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of total health - a welcome addition to our staff.

You may call Cactus Springs at 1(800) YRS-OFFU or 1 (760) 329-4003 for your all-inclusive brochure. Our goal here is to send you home Relaxed, Energized, Balanced, and Rejuvenated.

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