By Julianna Joyce Perkins



Restoring Subtle Levels of Life
By Marko Pogacnik

What better book to highlight in our Earth Day issue, than one dealing with Mother Earth, herself.

We are fortunate that education in Earth preservation is a growing trend. We have many fine examples of dedicated, determined people who are ringing the alarm. Well one of those bell ringers is Marko Pogacnik. And his message is one that goes to the depth of the problem, literally.

Marko's belief is that "our growing sensitivity to the ever-increasing amount of damage to natural and urban landscapes would be expended in constant lament if we did not take a third, practical step: one that requires the human being as the root of all these difficulties to undergo an all-encompassing inner transformation. This process of transformation in every human being needs to have started before turning to earth healing makes sense.

For the spiritual and energetic purification and revitalization of the subtle systems of a place or a natural or urban landscape, it is possible to use the healing vibrations of sound, color, dance and guided imagery, amongst other techniques, as well as the art of lithopuncture. The art form can best be described as acupuncture for the Earth. When an area is damaged through various types of abuse, the energy fields and vibrations are interrupted. Through a process of inserting these art forms at strategic places, Marko alleviates the blockage and allows the energy to once again flow free. He begins with the people of the area, giving understanding of the root cause. Then he guides the people in methods best suited to precipitate the healing process.

In his book, Marko touches on some elements that might raise an eyebrow or two. He speaks of angel messengers, elemental spirits, etc. Well, the proof is in the pudding they say. The areas that Marko has applied his art and craft to stand in living proof of his methods. I can't help but wonder if hundreds of years from now, people will gaze upon his artwork, and just like Stonehenge, sense the power and awe of something grand. And thanks to people like Marko, I believe their will be a vital life-supporting Earth hundreds of years from now.

HEALING THE HEART OF THE EARTH illustrates the kinds of problems with numerous examples, based on xperience gained by the author in earth-healing projects throughout Europe.

Published by Findhorn Press, this book is available by writing to P.O. Box 13939, Tallahassee, FL 32317 or calling (850) 893-2920.


Financial, Physical and Emotional Security from Your Own Backyard
By Martin P. Waterman

Self-sufficiency through the production of food and other commodities is by no means limited to simply filling the larder for insurance against uncertain times. There are many benefits that can be produced as one becomes more self-sufficient. Self-sufficiency puts power in the hands of those who are able to decrease their dependency on others for their own needs. There can be no power without dependency, thus the less you are dependent on others, the less power they can exercise over you.

Many financial, therapeutic and health benefits to growing your own food are discussed throughout this book. The author's experience in growing his own food resulted in a reinvigorated spirit, an appreciation and focus on something more important in the aspects of existence, while enjoying the abundance of his efforts.

Many people are seeking a lifestyle that is healthier and free of many of the problems and stresses that have become associated with much of our modern-day society. Martin found a great need for a book that would bring together concepts and resources for anyone looking for greater self sufficiency and security through food production.

This book will give you steps to help reduce your grocery bill, improve your health through better nutrition, create a long-term supply of emergency food and earn income from your excess production. Martin has detailed the steps so that this can be done in an enjoyable manner at very little or no financial burden or risk. Partner up with the earth, sun and rain in a very rewarding and fulfilling enterprise.

Published by Loompanics Unlimited, you may order this book by writing to P.O. Box 1197, Port Townsend, WA 98368 or calling (800) 380-2230.


A Guide to Being
By Terry J. Walker

An Earth Day list of books would not be complete without addressing our co-inhabitants that live in the bodies of water covering most of the earth. What better being than the dolphin!

The best thing about HOW TO SWIM WITH DOLPHINS is that its concepts and ideas are universal and can be applied to many situations both in and out of the water, with dolphins, other animals and human beings.

Terry, through his examples and insights, offers us a glimpse into connection and interaction that is attainable on many levels. He tells it like it is, not glamorizing or minimizing these amazing creations and our ability to interact with them. He guides us in learning the subtle and not-so-subtle body language of dolphins, what their hierarchy is within the pods, when to approach and most importantly when NOT to approach these charming playmates.

Since dolphins seem to want to interact with humans as much as we do with them, it has unfortunately led to their own destruction. By educating people, and helping us to become aware of our impact on the survival of dolphins, Terry is doing more than helping us romp through the waves in childlike delight. He is helping us preserve an amazing species, and with the way things seem to be evolving, the day is fast approaching when the dolphins themselves will have much to teach.

Delight yourself, and read HOW TO SWIM WITH DOLPHINS. Even if you never have the opportunity to get near an ocean, after reading this book, you will have been there.

Published by DolphinHeart Press, this book may be ordered at P.O. Box 1077, Pahoa, Hawaii 96778, or by calling (808) 965-0056.


A Practical Guide for Architects, Builders, and Homeowners
By Paula Baker, AIA, Erica Elliott, M.D. and John Banta

It has been said that we shape our buildings and then our buildings shape us. When considering the fact that average Americans spend 90% or more of their lives indoors, the significance of this statement becomes apparent. In the current era of unprecedented technological advancement, it stands to reason that we would use our knowledge to create indoor environments to enhance our health and sense of well-being. Yet this has not been the case.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has recently stated that indoor air pollution in residences, offices, schools, and other buildings is widely recognized as one of the most serious potential environmental risks to human health, and is, in fact, many times more of a health threat than outdoor air pollution.

The toll on human health resulting from exposure to the chemical soup surrounding us is finally becoming clear. Continued exposure to indoor environment, even at low levels, has been linked to a vast spectrum of illnesses, ranging from chronic sinus infections, headaches, insomnia, anxiety, and joint pain, to full-blown multiple chemical sensitivities and other immune system disorders. In spite of overwhelming evidence of the health risks, the majority of new construction in the U.S. continues to create environments that harm human health.

The purpose of this book is to take the mystery out of healthy house building by walking the owner/architect/builder team through the construction process. It explains where and why standard building practices are not healthful, what to do differently, and how to obtain alternative materials and expertise.

PRESCRIPTIONS FOR A HEALTHY HOUSE is a useful tool in your quest for healthier living. This book covers everything from theory to specification language in a way that can be applied to any construction type.

Published by High Mountain Press, you may order this book by writing 2530 Camino Entrada, Santa Fe, NM 87505, or calling (505) 474-5176.

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