By Paula Hamilton



A New Approach to Relaxation
By Quiet Films

Thank You, Thank You to my editor for sending this video for review! While I always find the material sent interesting, informative and enlightening, every once in a while I am sent something that is a pure delight.

The Heart of the Craft is a wonderful surprise. It is a relaxation video unlike any other. Beautifully produced and presented in an engaging format, the viewer is taken on a journey bordering on magical.

How simple a concept! Watching craftspeople at work. What? No forests, no oceans, no babbling brooks? Well, how am I supposed to RELAX? Well...did you ever watch your grandmother make bread, or your mother sewing or knitting something beautiful before your relaxed the pace of unhurried methodical downright therapeutic. Eureka!

Yes, it is therapeutic to watch a lump of clay turn into an indescribably beautiful bowl and be brought to its ending, filled with water and adorned with three floating roses. A block of wood transformed into a finished piece, a bowl that is as much a work of art as a useful object. A batch of pine needles skillfully, gently woven into a basket.

Each piece a celebration of life, of the art in everyday objects, in the skill and wonder of human hands. No background music, no narration or voiceovers, just the hum of the potter's wheel, the buzz of the woodworkers saw, the sound of the ocean in the background of the basket-weaver's studio. Simple and beautiful, it will captivate you, draw you in, mesmerize you and yes, yes, YES! It will relax you, with the peace and joy of humanity, "de-corporatized, un-downsized, and dis-assembly-line-ized." Simple humanity, simply us. Thoroughly enjoyable.

For more information on how to obtain this wonderful video, call Whole Person Associates at (800) 247-6789.

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