Vaporetto Offers 
New Ecological Cleaning System


The Vaporetto Ecological Cleaning System is the hot new European import. This cleaning system has scouring jets of superheated steam that effectively replaces all harsh chemicals which can endanger your health, the health of your family, pets and the environment. The Vaporetto completely removes germs, bacteria, fleas, flea eggs, dust mites, grease, mildew and soap scum, leaving your home or office stunningly clean, fresh and sanitized.

You can use this product on literally any surface. It removes carpet stains, stains on walls, upholstery and drapes. It makes cleaning your windows, and glass surfaces effortless, and forget about that messy bathroom cleaning. The hot vapor penetrates all materials to clean and destroy mold spores, bacteria and viruses of all kinds.

The Vaporetto is "healthy" as well as environmentally friendly. The system cleans well above the hospital standard for sanitation of 180 degrees so you can clean, sanitize, and deodorize all at the same time without the use of harsh, abrasive, and unsafe chemicals. "I know every time I used cleaning products with chemicals to clean my house, I got headaches," says Linda Rivet, president of Pro-Link International, the company marketing the cleaner. "I used the internet to research what chemicals do to our bodies, and it is not a pretty sight. They are gradually poisoning us ‹ household products from bleach to carpet and window cleaners."

Another important element of this system is Vaporettošs ability to completely eliminate dust mites. The effects of dusty mites and their by-products are known to play a major role in many respiratory problems and the health problems caused by indoor air pollution. Vaporetto's extremely hot steam eliminates these dust mites from your bed, couch, baby's room, basically any furniture or carpets where these microscopic creatures live.

Rivet, introduced to the product by a Brazilian friend, used to clean her window screens and floors by hand. After using the Vaporetto, she is amazed with its efficiency. "I had scrubbed my floor so many times, and it really didn't get the dirt out," she said. "This product just sucked the dirt from the floor." Vaporetto works wonders for your car-cleaning needs. Be it engine cleaning, tire cleaning, or simply making your carpets look new again while deodorizing the inside of your car, this product makes perfect sense.

When you consider that Americans spend over $4 billion every year on household cleaners alone, the by-products of these agents find their way into our oceans, lakes and drinking water sources. The Vaporetto is a healthy alternative for those who are concerned about the ecology of their living and working environment and that of the world.

There is a residential and a commercial model. Both come with a series of accessories which can be used to clean virtually any surface in your home or office. For more information on the Vaporetto, call Linda Rivet at Pro-Link International (619) 459-2064. Request information through fax or e-mail at (619) 459-4082 or .

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