From: "Chris Reid "
To: "Darby Davis"

Dear Darby,

Actually, the rumor that an injunction was awarded is unfounded. Please
note the following memo sent yesterday to try and quell the

Per Ben White, who was in Honolulu yesterday, the judge has NOT rendered
her decision, which frankly gives us hope. She has been provided with
the latest release re:whale strandings in Greece also. I can only guess
that "XXXX" heard there was a hearing, and confused that with the
granting of the injunction.

There is a group of protesters in the water again today, and despite
what the Navy claims, it is believed that they did interfere with the
testing for 4-5 hours on Friday. The Coast Guard showed up yesterday
and practiced their "scare tactics" on the local vessel contingency, and
has been keeping company on the high seas with the Cory Chouest since.


The protestors were able to shut the Navy down again yesterday for about
five hours. We also had a wonderful dialogue with the Coast Guard, in
which we clarified the parameters we need to follow to stage a peaceful
demonstration at sea. They were surprisingly supportive of our efforts.
We are stepping up our efforts in order to stop them (The Navy) from
testing altogether, but face difficulty in enlisting enough boats to
stay on them at all times. We are urgently seeking funding to hire a
live-aboard vessel for a couple of weeks that will not have to leave the
test ship. We could then ferry the press and swim volunteers back and
forth to the shore with smaller, faster craft.

I hope that brings you up to speed. Of course, we continue to pray for a
ruling in favor of the whales and our beloved planet.

Mahalo for your assistance,

Chris Reid


Subject: Whales and Dolphins: Dead and Dying from LFAS

Aloha from Hawai'i,

As we e-mail this to you a baby whale lies abandoned and dying
undoubtedly as a result of the LFAS testing. It cannot survive
without its mother. This is the second such death in two weeks in the
same Hawai'i waters where the US Navy is testing the Low Frequency
Active Sonar.

You have a choice, a Conscious Choice to peacefully protest:

Please e-mail your protest to those on the list below and circulate this
e-mail to everyone you know this week. The goal this week is to e-mail
500,000 protests. Your voice can contribute to make it happen. It
concerns the livelihood of the whales and dolphins that are being killed
by the US Navy in the waters of Hawai'i and waters around the planet. It
concerns the livelihood of our oceans, the mammals and fish that inhabit
them and ultimately our planet.

This is a regional and international issue. Please send protests to the
media, your local politicians and congressmen. Some suggested e-mail
addresses are included below. Please forward new addresses to

Read the following and there is a full version of this letter and other
details so visit the site at http://www.dreamweaving.com/lfas.htm for
current updates. You can also hyperlink your e-mails to those mentioned
below directly from the site at http://www.dreamweaving.com/lfas308.htm

If you have an e-mail distribution list and would like to be put on our
e-mail list mailto:lfas@dreamweaving.com and put "add" in subject
header. Otherwise visit the site for updates.


The last week with the LFAS is beginning to read like an excellent
script for a movie. Hey you folks in Hollywood listen up. It
has all the topical flavors with personal and political twists that so
easily take us in another direction and mask the real issues at hand -
the livelihood of life on this planet.

This is a lesson of discernment for all of us to take a stand and to be
heard, you can make a difference here right now by sending out your

Last week thousands of e-mail and fax protests went out. This week it
needs to be hundreds of thousands. The killing has to stop. And thanks
for your efforts last week it has brought these issues to many peoples
attention. By forwarding this appeal last week thousands have petitioned
our local politicians all the way to the Vice President and the
President of the United States.

But sadly that was not enough, a baby whale lies abandoned and dying
because the US Navy has got permission to kill our whales and apparently
200 dolphins in the Mediterranean. What does it take to put a stop to
this? Hopefully this week's goal is 500,000 e-mail protests will have
them sit up and take action.

The events in the last week have brought news that the LFAS is a much
larger problem than locally in Hawai'i. As reported in the Guardian
newspaper March 3rd out of England and also in the Sydney daily
newspaper, 13 Cuvier's beaked whales were found stranded off Greece the
next day after LFAS broadcast by the US Navy. And in the last few weeks
(I am not sure of the time period) 200 dolphins have been found blown up
in the Mediterranean sea.

For more information on source materials for the above go to

This is very serious business. Read the following and petition your
local media and politicians.


Last week I tracked down Sir Peter Guy Manners' assistant Dr Dudley
Finch, they were both in Florida treating patients and presenting their
work to the medical establishment. Through their expertise they can
predict precisely the type of damage that is done with LFAS sound. They
are the only experts in the world (that I know) who have many decades of
medical experience of the use of sound in altering the physiology of
living tissue. If you have any sound clips of the LFAS please forward to
me for their analysis.

Sir Peter wrote:

"...the likely effects (of LFAS) on marine animals in our opinion could
be disastrous, causing cell and tissue damage as well as affecting the
brain and nervous system"

For more information on the "sound equation" go to

Our scientists and medical experts need to contact Sir Peter because the
sound does not necessarily affect the living tissue in ways that can be
conventionally measured or observed and will not always show up in
autopsies. It effects the energy and the structure of the cells. Hence
the whales are beaching sometimes, as in the Greece incident alive
probably from lower intensities exposures and at other times blown apart
from higher intensities in the recent case of the dolphins.
One would normally assume that the louder the sound the worse the
damage. However, that is not always the case. It is the combination of
the frequencies that do the damage, or if used appropriately good. Sir
Peter can break up tumors non surgically with sound, or in my work we
use sound vibroacoustically through the body to relieve stress. I
believe the Navy has this data and is classified, not only could they
use the sound to knock out say the electrical system of a submarine, but
by switching frequencies and depending on the distance to the sub they
could kill everyone on board, or maim or stun. Just like a dolphin or
some whales stun their prey with their sonar. Except the US Navy can
broadcast at 230 dB, 10,000 times louder than a 747 taking off.

Last Saturday March 7th we heard the LFAS sound broadcast at hourly
intervals for several seconds. We heard three broadcasts. That day, we
were about 10 miles (my guestimate) from the sending vessel so the
levels were below the local background levels of the whales singing and
grunting around our boat. We did get a recording, and I will post it as
soon as I get a copy. They were using frequencies around middle "C" and
stepping up the frequencies. There appeared to be some change in
the whale's sounds, if anything their song activity appeared to increase
after the 8(?) second broadcast. However, you can be assured with all
the public interest they are being very mindful about the power and the
frequencies they use.

The earliest report of the Navy using the LFAS dates back to the early
1980's so you can bet that they have compiled lots of data already, so
why the testing in Hawai'i? It occurs to us that the testing here is to
determine the thresholds they can broadcast to stun and enemy sub or UFO
or whatever the situation may be. They are using the birthing waters
here to test those thresholds and show to the conservationists,
environmentalists and research folks that LFAS is safe, but the dying
baby whale tells us its a lie.

So again the time for a public outcry is right NOW!


Last week there was a continuation of the hearing in Honolulu brought
forward by lawyer Paul Achitoff for the Earth Justice Legal Defense
Fund. Presently, Judge Helen Gillmor is considering her action and will
make a decision this week. It is already too late. Have you ever looked
into the eye of a dying baby whale?

So again the time for your protest is right

These political delay tactics and maneuvers are all so common. We urge
you to send another round of protests to the addresses below, it made a
huge difference last week and we urge you to follow up again today. And
if you didn't get the seriousness of this message last week take action
right now.

The New York times is considering an article on the LFAS and may be out
today, swimmers have been in the water around the sending vessel last
week and now the coast guard cutter is hovering around to harass the
protesters. It is getting nasty. Is it going to take the death of a
human to get the public attention? Hopefully not.

Your e-mail protest could prevent all of that and peacefully resolve the
issue now.


The time is NOW. Send protests to the media, your local politicians and
environmentalist groups. Then,send this e-mail to
everyone you know.

In the header of your email or fax put "Whales and Dolphins dead and
dying from LFAS" And words to the effect:

"This is an urgent appeal to stop the US Navy killing of whales and
dolphins with LFAS. Recent reports in the European press have linked the
US Navy to killing whales and possibly 200 dolphins in the
Mediterranean. Please stop this and the current LFAS testing in the
Hawaiin waters".

Signed: Your name

Send to:

President Bill Clinton

Vice-President Al Gore

Govenor of Hawaii:
Ben Cayetano

phone 808.586.0034
fax 808.586.0006

State Senator:
David Tarnas

phone 808.586.8510
fax 808.587.0390

Dept Land and Natural Resources State of Hawaii
Chairman Mike Wilson

phone 808.587.0400
fax 808.587.0390

Joseph Johnson
Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command

(703) 919-8959
Also:"Williamson, Richard" mailto:williamr@spawar.navy.mil

Danial Inouye

DC fax 202.224.6747 Honolulu fax 808.541.2549

Danial Akaka
DC fax 202.224.2126
Honolulu fax 808. 545.4683

Neil Abercrombie

DC fax 202.225.4580
Honolulu phone 808.541.2570
Hono fax 808.533.0133

Diana H. Josephson,
Principle Deputy (I&E) -

Ph. (703) 693-4527,

Elsie Munsell,

Ph. (703) 614-1303,

Robert (Robin) Pirie,
ASN (I&E) -

Ph. (703) 695-4533,

Dr. Kurt Riegel,
Director of Environmental Technology -

Ph. (703) 695-3363,

Lew Shotton,
Director of Environmental Planning & Natural Resources -
Ph. (703) 614-1295,

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

Patsy Mink
DC fax 202.225.4987
Hono phone 808.541.1986
Hono fax 808. 538.0233

White House Office of Enviromental Quality
Kate McGinty
White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington DC 20006
phone 202.456.6224
fax 202.456.2710

National Marine Fisheries Services
Office of protected species
Ann Terbush
1335 East West Highway
Silver Springs, MD 20910
fax 301.713.0376

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