By Susan Stevenson, DCH


By Inger Naess
Are you energized by the warmth of red, soothed by the cool tones of blue and green, intellectually stimulated by yellow? Perhaps you have never thought about it before, but after reading "Colour Energy" it is guaranteed that you will never look at or think of colors in quite the same way again.

Inger Naess goes beyond the concepts of wearing the "right" colors for your skin tone, and beyond simply knowing the colors of the chakras. The reader is introduced to the history of work in the color spectrum, how color affects our moods, healing, and our relationship with others. Since every color has an energy, we each absorb color in a unique way and use it as a fuel. In general, the energy we use to think and act with is a direct result of the energy we absorb.

So just what color are you? Although we are each a rainbow of colors, by studying the qualities of each color (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet) you can recognize their characteristics in yourself and others.

Reading Naess' personality descriptions of each color is a bit like reading an astrology book, but rather than 12 sun signs, there are seven major color aspects. Beginning with "Red Energy and Why You Are A Red Person", personality and characteristics (positive and negative) are presented for each of the seven rainbow/chakra colors: People (general description), Sex, Health, Health Tips, Money and Success, Occupations, Children, Adolescents, Parents, Relationships, Clothes, Interior Design, Energy Drinks, Gemstones, Food, Organs and Glands, Affirmations, and Overactive/Underactive indications.

Relationship combinations are also discussed such as the pairing of red and blue. The reader is also invited to take an extensive inventory which, when sent in and evaluated (for a nominal fee) will provide analysis of your personal color energies, their priority in your life, how you relate to other color personalities and more.

A rich source of diverse information, "Colour Energy" is not only fascinating reading, but a reference book to be consulted over and over again.

Published by Colour Energy Corporation, this book is available at P.O. Box 1743, Station A, Vancouver, B.C., Canada V6C 2P7.By Susan Stevenson, DCH


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