By Darby Davis



Recently I received an e-mail from one of our readers telling me about a great new product available on the web! I immediately checked out  and just had to call Sally Bergmoser, inventor of Ripe-N-Pockets in McLean, Virginia.

Sally explained that she had actually invented the pockets accidentally when she inadvertently left a tomato in her apronpocket, only to find it "vine-ripe" a few days later. She then began experimenting with other fruits and vegetables and different kinds and sizes of pockets. Eventually she settled on the current design made from polyester mesh fabric, which are hung to ensure air circulation. "The reason people don't like produce in grocery stores is because you can't buy ripe produce," said Sally. "This product suspends the fruit and vegetables so it gets total air circulation."

In addition to producing properly ripened fruits and vegetables, the Ripe-N-Pockets prevent those nasty fruit flies, and make a great decorative item to hang in your kitchen.

Just a few testimonials from happy 'pocket' users:

"Thanks again for the Ripe-N-Pockets- they're great! I have used mine for several months and with all kinds of produce. I had to harvest most of my tomatoes just before the first frost last year, and I ripened them as I needed, in the pockets. You have a great product. I wish you much success!" Andria Scott Hurst,
Assistant Foods Editor,
Southern Living Magazine

"Your pockets are great! My own experience is that they do ripen all year and will continue to hold the fruit for several days after ripening. For me, generally a clod when it comes to kitchen matters, itis a pleasure to have fruits and vegetables hang as if they were still on the vine or tree.
Jerome T.

"We appreciate your sending Ripe-N-Pockets to try. It is a great way to store a variety of items. After testing it we believe it would be a wonderful way for consumers to store tomatoes until they are fully ripened and at the peak of their delicious flavor."
Stephanie Johnson,
Florida TomatoCommittee

"When I first received my pockets, I enlisted my daughter to help find the best spot to hang them, not only to allow our produce to ripen properly, but to add to the decor of our kitchen. We found the perfect spot, we thought! And then we loaded them up with tomatoes and one of my favorites, avocados! We then retired to the den to watch TV, when only a few minutes later we heard quite a racket coming from the kitchen. Our 6-month old kitten had found a new play toy! He will play with anything and loves to jump. It was quite a sight to watch him up on thecounter stretching out as far as he could to take a swing at our new Ripe-N-Pockets. He was having a ball batting it back and forth, so we had to rearrange the pockets, hooking both ends from the valance which created an attractive window treatment and the produce is now protected. We have had wonderful results so far with tomatoes, avocados and pears, and can hardly wait for the peach season! Ripe-N-Pockets make eating those fruits and vegetables a real pleasure."
Editor, Awareness Magazine

Ripe-N-Pockets are sold in sets of two. The 8-pocket design is $11 and the 6-pocket design is $10. There is a $2.25 shipping and handling charge per set. Add 30% to the total for international orders. For more information, please call toll-free (888)RIPENIT, or check out

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