A Time of Hope and New Beginnings


With the approach of the new millennium, a new Renaissance age is beginning. We are looking back into history's most remarkable periods of time as we make plans for a bright, new future, full of infinite possibilities.

California's original Renaissance Pleasure Faire provides the perfect vehicle for time travel between the past and the future. This Spring more than two hundred fifty thousand people will break from their modern day life-styles of cyber-co-cooning, and telecommuting. Home entertainment systems will shut down, pagers and cellular phones will be put aside.

For nine weekends and Memorial Day, April 25 through June 21, Southern Californians are invited to take a trip to Merry old England, and all for the price of a tank of gas! Set in the glorious lakeside meadows of Glen Helen Regional Park, the Renaissance Pleasure Faire is located in the foothills of the San Bernardino Mountains, a fifty minute drive from Los Angeles.

A trip to the Faire is a day of pure fantasy, as more than 2,000 colorfully costumed performers dance their way through an incredible Elizabethan marketplace, backed with bustling crowds of peasants, lusty wenches, knights in shining armor, and Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth I.

Non-stop entertainment fills seven open-air stages throughout the Faire. Exciting rides and thrilling games abound. Henna body painting, mystical readings, sensation lotions and potions abound. Rustic market stalls brim with remarkable handcrafted treasures. Hair braiding, massage and fantasy costumes complete an unforgettable day of personal pleasure.

Thousands come to the Faire for the fabulous old fashioned English food and famous range of the best of British and American ales.

Back by popular demand are the hilarious Manly Men in Tights, breathtaking full combat armored jousts, the Queen's Royal Pageant and Lord Mayor's Show, Sound and Fury Improv, Sean and Dave Jugglers, Jahkobah African Dance and Fowl Tales, a Sailor and his Birds.

For more details, or information on advance ticket discounts, call (800) 52FAIRE. Hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. weekends only.

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