Just as we were going to press with our Earth Day edition of Awareness, news arrived ‹ both good, and bad - wreaking havoc in our production department.

Exciting news came of J.J., the baby gray whale stranded off Venice Beach a year ago and not expected to live, now alive and well, is currently being prepared for release back to the ocean in late March. In-depth article and photos will follow in the next issue.

The bad news is reports that the U.S. Navy plans to begin sonar testing off the coast of the Big Island of Hawaii right in the heart of the Humpback Whale birthing and breeding season. We find this too incredible to comprehend and have stayed in touch with our sources in Hawaii literally up until we went on the press to give you the most current information available. See story on page 28.

The feature article we promised in memory of John Denver has been delayed. Due to the tremendous response from admirers around the world, his office and the staff at Windstar Foundation have been inundated with mail, e-mail, phone calls, etc. We have spent many weeks attempting to acquire the information and photos we requested for this article and as of our press time, they have not yet been received. We felt our Earth Day issue would have been the perfect time to honor John and his numerous contributions to our planet, however I have learned not to get so stressed out when things don't go as planned, knowing that when we do run the feature, the timing will be right.

A huge thank you to Carol Lozito, from San Diego, for her wonderful cover art "Kangaroo Picnic." Carol's work is currently being shown at Zantman Art Galleries in Palm Desert.

We'll be at the EarthFair in San Diego, April 19 - this is one of our favorite events of the year and we hope to see many of you there!

Remember . . . It all begins with Awareness . . magazine!

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