Dr. Kuhnau . . . Live Cell Therapy
by Robert Ross


The Background
There was a time, not so long ago, when the rich and famous flew off to clinics in Switzerland for rejuvenation treatments. One such medical center was the Dr. Paul Niehan Clinic. It was Dr. Neihan who popularized what is known as Live Cell Ther-apy, a therapy originally pioneered by Dr. Kuettner in 1912.

Evidently Dr. Neihan s work in cellular therapy did not go unnoticed. Dignitaries from around the world were, at the time, receiving the benefits of Dr. Neihan s treatments. The list of patients included notables like Dwight D. Eisenhower, Winston Churchill, Pope Pius XII, Pablo Picasso and Charlie Chaplain.

In 1952 Dr. Neihan invited Dr. Kuhnau (who had done similar research in cellular therapy) to work with him at the clinic. They developed a close relationship and remained in steady contact until Dr. Neihan s death in 1972. After Dr. Neihan died, the clinic became known as the LaPrairie Clinic and no longer offered the Live Cell meth-od.

Today, Dr. Kuhnau is the only endocrinologist presently using the original True Live Cell Method (also referred to as Xenotransplants).

The Doctor
Dr. Kuhnau, a vigorous eighty-six years of age, has an office in Tijuana, Mexico. The office, within walking distance of the border, is not your typical doctor s office, but rather has a quaint intake room, adorned with highback, wooden Spanish style chairs and a plethora of paintings by Dr. Kuhnau hanging on the walls. His office is located in the Lloyd office building, which is the only high rise directly across the border. It is at this facility that potential patients from around the world have an opportunity to meet and talk with Dr. Kuh-nau about Live Cell Therapy and its possible benefits, benefits with which Dr. Kuhnau is quite familiar, having used Live Cell Therapy in thousands of cases.

Once a treatment regimen is decided upon, the patients make their way across town to the actual medical center which is located in the La Playa area (beach area) of Tijuana.

The Treatment
A form of cellular therapy has been used by almost every culture since the dawn of mankind. Ingesting tissue, either animal or human, with the expectation of acquiring spiritual or physical benefits has been chronicled throughout recorded history. Achilles of ancient Greece consumed the bone marrow of lions in order to stimulate his own strength and bravery. Papyrus scrolls unearthed in Thailand, dating from about 100 years before Christ, suggested the use of the placenta for rejuvenation. You are what you eat, is a term often heard in contemporary culture which, again, supports the concept of Live Cell Therapy.

But it was Dr. Kuettner, who in 1912, set the stage for modern Live Cell Therapy. He recommended that glands either be surgically implanted into the patient or cut into small pieces, dissolved in saline solution and injected into the patient. The injection method was all but forgotten until one day Dr. Neihan (in the 1930 s) was confronted with a patient that was too ill to be considered for an operation.

Normally he would have surgically implanted the gland, but instead he cut the parathyroid gland of an ox into tiny pieces, dissolved it in a saline solution and injected it into the patient. To his surprise, the benefits of the injection lasted longer than any synthetic hormone, or implant of a surgical graft. Many decades later, the patient was still free from the original disabling symptoms. This (injection approach) was the beginning of Live Cell Therapy as we know it today.

Recently, the Blue Shark (Cach-arius Glaucus) has entered nomenclature of both the health conscious and health practitioner. It has been documented that the Blue Shark is resistant to cancer (in almost all cases). Also, the Blue Shark has a gestation period similar to humans. Because of these surprising characteristics (gestation period and virtual cancer resistance), Dr. Kuhnau, after extensive research, developed a protocol utilizing the immunoactive embryonic material taken from the Blue Shark as a part of his treatment approach.

The shark embryos that Dr. Kuh-nau uses are taken from sharks in the Pacific Ocean that have been killed by fishermen. The embryonic tissue is then ground in a sterile electric mill, in such a manner that its micro-structure is preserved. The tissue samples are then dissolved in a sterile solution of sodium chloride and are stored in a freezer until needed. It was this type of solution that Dr. Kuhnau used on himself, during his research into the effectiveness of the material. He self-injected the solution, in an attempt to demonstrate that the substance was without complications or side effects.

The Results
In his most recent articles and book (Live Cell Therapy: My Life With A Medical Breakthrough), Dr. Kuhnau documented the case histories of a number of his patients. He has treated cancers of the thyroid, breast, prostate and stomach in addition to chronic conditions such as infertility and asthma. He treated them primarily with injections of shark tissue, fetal liver, diencephalon, cartilage and some with fetal implants. Each patient received an individual regimen of Live Cell therapy. In each case the patient s tumor, metastases or other disabling condition had improved or disappeared over a period of months.

Dr. Kuhnau has also had excellent results in dealing with other chronic degenerative diseases such as Crohns Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, Myasthenia Gravis, Muscular Dystrophy and Cystic Fibrosis. Again, the effects of the treatment usually begin within four to six weeks, sometimes earlier.

Live Cell Therapy is one of a number of alternative approaches being tested and used in medical centers throughout the world to treat degenerative diseases. But if you were to ask Dr. Kuhnau about the word alternative, his response would be the Center does not practice alternative medicine but rather the right medicine, since there is no alternative to correct treatment.

For further information on Live Cell Therapy or to make an appointment with Dr. Kuhnau, please call: (0115266) 83-51-51. Inquiries can be sent to Prof. Wolfram W. Kuhnau, MD, P.O. Box 432014, San Ysidro, California 92143-2014

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