By Christopher Thornhill Age 9



Words by Chara M. Curtis
Paintings by Alfred Currier

If you like adventure and seeking new places, this is the book for you! It is about a grandmother and a granddaughter who go through fields and woods and grasslands to see what heaven is like.

How far is it to heaven? They found what it was like in different places. In woods where the sunlight through trees turned the leaves a golden color. In the fields the trickling water made music. In the grasslands the fragrance in the air was like sweet perfume. The paintings in the book are really good images of the places they visited.

The story reminds me of my grandmother who passed away some months ago. It makes me think of the good times I had with my grandma. Sometimes the story saddens me because of her death. As you can see, my grandma was, and will always be, second best in my life (because my mom is first).

After reading this book and remembering my own grandma in heaven, I felt like the granddaughter who said, " I felt like the richest person on earth." Buy this book to see what they found heaven to be.

Published by Illumination Arts Publishing Co., Inc., Hardback $15.95. You can buy it at the store, or maybe you would like to check it out at your local library.

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