By Chuck Diliberto


Vulcan's Child
Trans-Hyperborean Institute of Science
In a world where you don't always get what you paid for, expectations are self-planted land mines, and the incessant hyping of minutia where everything sounds too good to be real and has left us confused and empty about where to turn for truth and value . . . there is Vulcan's Child.

I previously reviewed Vulcan's Child - "Environment." I was amazed at the confidence they had in their product. I am still thoroughly in awe at the results. In "Resolve" the confidence is immutable, this product is guaranteed to effect changes that will greatly enhance the positive aspects of our lives. Where do I sign up?

From the first series of notes played on synthesizers, I began to feel energy shifts in my chakras (psychic energy centers correspondent with areas of our body). My body literally began to vibrate. It started at my feet and began to move upward. I soon felt a natural meditative state seal itself within me, yet the sensations in my body were prominent and profound. I was being lowered into a trans-dimensional washing machine. I was passing into an experiential phase; there was plenty of room for a major catharsis. This was not your average soul cleansing.

I had to stop the music in order to finish this article. I am precisely blown away at the potential for change and growth that "Resolve" has to offer. This is for real. I am not the authority on Vulcan's Child, its research or effectiveness. I can only state from experience; there is an underlying reality in the syncopation of the music that affects our central nervous systems. What you do with this energy being released is your own "Resolve" in life. I am excited about this opportunity to explore a product that stands by its claims. I openly advise all adventuresome souls to locate "Resolve". I would be interested in some feedback from others who have shared this experience.

For more information, call (800) 485-8095 or check out our web pages at http://t-hyp.com

Chloe Goodchild
Raven Recording
"Sura" is Sanskrit for musical note or vibration. Chloe Goodchild explores this definition through inspired songs that are windows into the vast heart of Creation. Goodchild uses her voice as an etheric nexus. She creates a cosmic elevator, wherein her own ascension through harmonious chanting becomes the access point for the listener to join in. Not unlike the offerings of the Benedictine Monks in devotion and intent, yet more personal and intimate.

Goodchild is speaking from an unfettered, unlimited well. Her voice rises from the sub-quantum of being, pure and whole, shining from an unseen luminous source that harkens the eternal divine. The raw potential held within our hearts is tapped and the sweet nectar of a fearless, pristine soul is allowed to flow. Chloe Good-child, through the Grace of Creation, has become the perfect archetypal messenger of the inherent beauty that lies in reserve in the heart of an unenlightened person.

The key here is enlightenment. The search through our illusions, conditioned reflexes and notion that our cultural place is amongst a disillusioned conformity. Chloe Good-child has found herself, and with a virginesque lack of pretense, she flows in vulnerability, chancing that the unawakened may be touched by her own blessings.

Chloe Goodchild has transcended the barrier between art and artist, experience and experiences to bring us a recording that is Spiritually poignant, refreshing and uplifting. If we ever wondered what an Angel may sound like, the wonderment ends and the awe begins with the awesome gifts of Chloe Goodchild.

For more information, call (303) 813-1179.

Shelley Snow
Perfect Pitch Music Marketing
Speaking in tongues is an ancient understanding that corresponds with the releasing of the limitations placed upon our soul by the cumbersome restrictions of language. In "Sha-maneya", Shelley Snow has created an original language to express, unhindered, the feelings and depth of her being. The vowel and consonant sounds are familiar, and, somewhere in the core of our subconscious these words have meanings.

Snow is comfortable in her translation of this uncommon vernacular. There is a possibility that she is channeling the deeper recesses of consciousness, a place where intuition and feeling are the only parameters. She has a sweet voice, sincere and sensual, flowing effortlessly with the dynamics of originality and creativity side by side.

Shelley Snow's vocal intonations are reminiscent of Kate Bush and Tori Amos while fluctuating between the earthy tones of Native American chanting. There are plenty of oohs and aahs to accentuate the mood, emphasizing the feminine viewpoint of sensitivity. The Goddess energy is being framed and focused. In this way Snow has found an outlet for those wordless experiences that arecommon on ventures into Spirit.

Shelley Snow accompanies herself on some songs with her flute playing, but for the most part the music is unobtrusive, not lackluster. The music does not get in the way of Snow's unique offering. It is there as a reminder that some form of structure is needed to present this original language. Look for "Shamaneya"; there is a lot going on here.

For more information, call (510) 528-0860.

Ottmar Liebert
Creative Service Company

Ottmar Liebert is driven by change. In "Leaning Into The Night", Liebert combines his considerable acoustic guitar skills with the sonic panorama of a full orchestra. The result is a pastiche of sounds that created a unique musical environment. Looking back at Liebert's previous three releases, "Leaning Into The Night" is a departure from those formats, yet still capturing the soul and drive of Liebert.

Liebert is credited with developing the style called "nouveau flamenco". Its root is definitely obvious if you are familiar with flamenco guitar playing. The feel and movement of the music is an extension of his creative muse. The orchestra moodily surrounds Liebert's music feelings symbiotically elevating the moment into a synergistic genesis. The emotion rises, sensuality moves in waves and the listener is surrounded by a truly pleasurable experience.

Ottmar Liebert is an avant-gardist. His originality is an oasis, his motivation to experiment with change is divine. "Leaning Into The Night" is an inspired adventure into musical arrabgements.

The music is also very relaxing. There is a sentient quality that is transcendent and airy. Ottmar Liebert should be commended for this offering. It takes a lot of courage to present something different to a world unaccustomed to change. Inspiring indeed.

For more information, call (719) 548-9872.

Steven Cragg
New World Music

Steven Cragg's "Discovery" is an astral roadmap using cultural music as both a road sign and guardrail to his deeper understandings of consciousness. Cragg's main instrument is the didgeridoo, an Australian aborigine instrument. The didgeridoo is a naturally occurring termite hollowed eucalyptus tree that is played by a technique called circular breathing.

The music is a combination of live and prerecorded voices, percussion, synthesizers, natural sounds and Cragg's omnipresent didgeridoo playing. The didgeridoo adds an upbeat, funky quality to the music, a new age hip-hop if you will. The sound can best be described as textured, rich and full of life. There is so much going on in the music that I was reminded of the psychedelic electronic music that had its roots in the late 1960's.

The remarkable aspect of "Discovery" is Cragg's ability to allow his imagination to roam freely. He is not sure where he is going, or where he is taking the listener, in as much as his awe in discovering the unknown is left unchallenged. Be prepared for a cosmic safari; there are no rules or dividing lines, and especially no fears. Cragg's world is new and unspoiled, trails begin and end in the same place. There is magic, mystery and at times peripheral weirdness to greet us. These are the proper components for "Discovery".

For more information, call (800) 771-0987.

 Chuck Diliberto is a resident of New York state. Having written for a hometown publication that covered local and national musicians, reviewing CDs is an extension of that experience. His main interests are spiritual in nature and right living in practice.

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