Dreamers of the World
Unite on World Wide Web

By Kay Walburger


"Live Long and Prosper," reminds Spock of the good ship "Enterprise" of TV's Star Trek fame.

A morphogenic field of possibilities has evolved on the world wide web vi a the internet. It was originally created by the defense department to create avenues for information to travel throughout the world without being totally disrupted. Now, of course, that super information highway is carrying truth, ideas and knowledge into the four corners of the world, so that anyone can virtually access much more truth with much less censorship.

You are invited to share your wisdom and your solutions to problems by the marketing of your products and services. This is a magnificent opportunity for environmentalists to educate others to better, safer and ecologically sound methods, products or activities that restore balance on the planet for its people, animals, plants, waters and atmosphere.

Awareness Magazine opens a gateway for dreams to come true on the information highway via VIPINTERNET. A year ago Awareness went on the web and already has hundreds of people per day from all around the globe visiting our site. Many are downloading our inspirational stories of hope and success about the environment, self-esteem, natural, holistic, healthful, positive and peaceful practices. Awareness offices are inundated with e-mail, thanking us for publishing credible infomration and supporting us in our vision.

Your dream as told in your own story, poem, song or business can now be shared with other dreamers desiring to be encouraged, connected or needing solutions you may have already discovered. This site is dedicated to the environments of our lives 8B the planet, its people, animals and plants, etc., and to everyone's sustainable well-being, peace, prosperity and harmony. This niche market format with built-in loyalty and membership connections will support your efforts personally and professionally. Speak your truth from your heart and see what happens!

The movie classic, Field of Dreams, says, "Build it and they will come." Well here it is! So come OnLine Today! Start to tell your neighbors near and far what you have to say! VIP stands for Very Important Person living on this Very Important Planet needing your Very Important Participation 8B so join with others and do your part!

For a free color home page at VIPInternet, call (714) 650-2144. No Computer Needed! Costs only $19.95 per month line fee (6 mo. min.) Visit our Website or . . . . e-mail us (vip@-vipinternet.com); or write to: P.O. Box 3901, Costa Mesa, CA 92628

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