By Lynn Seiser



A friend of mine was expressing frustration about his life. He was a very practical person, but sometimes wished he were a dreamer. He always was the one in relationships that was the voice of reason. He was in conflict with himself and in relationships. He wanted to understand and heal this conflict.

The element of earth is associated with the first base chakra located at the base of the spine. There are seven chakra or energy centers running the length of the spine and onto the top or crown of the head. These centers have been used for spiritual growth and healing. The earth center controls such emotions as frustration, rage and passion.

Perhaps because of its red nature, these are expressions of speech which give indications of its condition. Blockage of this energy will manifest anger or "seeing red." A free flow of earth energy will allow us to "see the world through rose-colored glasses." This evolution can be facilitated by accepting sexuality as natural and needing a healthy expression. To evolve past the anger, we need to accept it, and see through it to the pain beneath. This helps us to develop compassion.

The earth is considered by the Chinese to be one of the five elements or forces. They are wood, fire earth, metal and water. This theory is rooted in the concept of opposite, yin and yang, in an eternal relationship. Heaven and earth are opposites in an eternal interdependent dance. Too much earth qualities and we may forget the heavens. Too much heaven and we are not grounded on the earth. Both are necessary. Within an individual this may appear in the conflict between the head and dreams with a more practical or emotional heart. It may be the conflict between a "higher" set of rules and our human earthly passions and needs. Conflicts can be resolved when both are accepted as natural and valuable.

E - Accept this time to develop empathy toward each other. Educate each other about our emotions. To evolve we all need to express ourselves effectively and efficient. We need to earn the ears of others and establish ways that enhance everyone's esteem.

A - We need to approve and affirm the accomplishment we have made and those added by others. We need to accept with appreciation for the advice given us, and offer answers to ailments that afflict us all.

R - It is a time to rest and restore our relationships to each other and the earth. It is a time to renew our responsibility to treat all with respect and remember the principle of reciprocation. We will receive what we render to others. Be realistic in honoring the rational side of ourselves and others. The rational side will help make dreams become a reality.

T - Take this time to touch each other tenderly and tell each other the truth. It is a time to talk of what we are traveling towards. Today we are together as one tribe with the talent to turn our tempers, our targets, and our turf into a testament of tolerance and trust.

H - Help each other. Give each other a hand. Hold each other with honor and heal the hurt that we have caused by hatred and haste. Accept each other's humanity and find humor in our own hearts. We can be our own hero. We can be a hero to others and them to us.

My friend decided that he needed both his dreams and his practical "down to earth" side. His dreams gave him direction, his earth side made them come true. Since he was out of balance he picked people who were his opposite. Instead of resenting them (and them him) they began to honor both as necessary and reciprocal. They needed each other. He also recognized the same relationship with the earth. It needs us to treat it better and respect what it needs to heal. We need it to walk upon, and to sit and enjoy the heavens.

Thanks for listening, for the opportunity to be of service, and for sharing the journey.

Permission to duplicate and distribute freely given by the author. Lynn Seiser is an internationally respected therapist, trainer, consultant, speaker, and writer in the recovery counseling for offenders and victims from violence, trauma and abuse. He is also well known for his work with addictions and his emphasis on healthy relationships. To discuss the benefits of his services, to make a referral, or to schedule a talk, workshop, or appointment, please contact him at: 550 Pacific Coast Hwy. #203, Seal Beach, CA 90740-6601. Phone (310) 799-1371, FAX (310) 596-1892, or e-mail: .

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