Join the Masquerade at
California's Mardi Gras
1997 Renaissance Pleasure Faire


A quarter of a million people are expected to attend the 35th Birthday Celebrations of the Renaissance Pleasure Faire this Spring, making this the largest and most colorful party in the world!

Fairgoers are invited to join this special anniversary masquerade by wearing costumes and masks in the massive daily costume parade every weekend and Memorial Day, April 26 through June 15. Thousands of costumed revelers will weave their way around the lake in the heart of Glen Helen Regional Park in San Bernardino each Faire day at noon. Judged by celebrities, daily winners will be picked from costumed customers and presented with a selection of Renaissance Pleasure Faire memorabilia. Look for the free paper masks and other party favors given to guests at the Faire entrance. "All the Faire's a stage at these royal birthday celebrations," says party host Sir Francis Drake. "Come be our guest and join us as we dance in the streets."

Thirty-five-year-old visitors will be granted free admission on opening day of the Faire, Saturday, April 26, so don't forget your valid I.D. for presentation at the box office. You can rent costumes at the Faire or purchase Elizabethan clothing from one of the many talented shire outfitters. Costumes are not essential but do add extra magic to the experience.

Whether this is your first visit to the original Renaissance Pleasure Faire, or your 30th, you'll be joining millions of modern day Americans who have traveled back in time to Shakespeare's England. The Faire began as a small event in Los Angeles back in May 1963. Thirty-five years later there are more than 40 Renaissance-style Faires across the country.

Many early participants have since become famous in their field of entertainment. Mark Hamel was a spear carrier, Timothy Hutton worked in the archery booth, Edward Albert had a pottery booth, and Bill Campbell played Petruchio in the Faire's production of "The Taming of the Shrew."

The Byrds wrote their world-famous lyrics "I think that maybe I'm dreamin' in the appropriately titled song, "Renaissance Fair," during that same time period. Thousands have filmed, recorded and written about the Faire over the past 35 years

Spectacular new shows will play this Spring on rebuilt Elizabethan-style stages. A sparkling range of freshly created, unique treasures and sumptuous new edible delicacies are all part of the royal treatment awaiting honored guests.

Anniversary highlights include a fabulous new children's area offering endless entertainment and an abundance of activities free of charge. The greatest battle the shire has ever seen will take place during the Faire's raucous new "Mudslinging Mayhem" show and human chess pieces take to a giant board to battle with wits and weaponry, comedy and sword play, in an all-new action-packed, live chess game.

Call (800) 52FAIRE for information and discounts on early ticket purchases.

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