Letter From The Publisher

Late last week it came to our attention that the Japanese government lifted a moratorium and approved the capture of five Orca whales, supposedly for research. This capture was briefly shown on local TV stations where young whales were separated from their pod, herded into a shallow cove, poked and prodded and lifted onto trucks to be shipped to amusement parks throughout Japan.

I was sickened and in tears, watching these awesome gentle creatures as they repeatedly cried out in terror. Yet these "killer" whales (fully capable of killing a human being), abruptly taken from their natural environment, never once attempted to harm any of their captors.

The actions of the Japanese are unconscionable and must be stopped! And they must be stopped now! When will the value of these wonderful creatures of God be placed above the almighty dollar? If you care, please FAX your letter of protest immediately to the Japanese Consulate based in Seattle. Their FAX number is (206) 624-9097. And donations can be mailed to Greenpeace who has been putting enormous pressure on the Japanese government. Their address is 1436 U St., N.W., Washington, D.C. 20009. Contributions can also be charged by phoning (800) 784-4410.

On the lighter side . . . Earth Day is almost here again, and there will be an abundance of activities for everyone concerned about the environment.

Two of the major events where you will find Awareness Magazine will be the Eco Expo on March 21-22-23 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, Booth 938 and at the San Diego Earth Fair in Balboa Park (Area 6 across from the Organ Pavilion), on Sunday, April 20. This will be our fourth year for both of these super events which feature plenty of good information, lots of entertainment, and just a real fun time.

To add to the excitement at our booth this year, we will have our March/April cover artist, Jason Saucier, with personally signed posters of "JAG" for sale; and Marika Lumi Morgan, author of "Shunka, Life with an Arctic Wolf" with personally autographed books for sale. She will also be available to answer all your questions about wolves.

So stop by our booth in either Los Angeles or San Diego, visit with Jason and Marika, and meet some of our hardworking staff

Remember . . .Awareness Magazine can now be found on the Internet. More than 200 concerned individuals from around the world are now accessing the Awareness web pages every day. Check us out at awarenessmag.com. or e-mail us at awarenessmag@earthlink.net .

Remember . . . Everything starts with Awareness . . . magazine!

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