by Stephen Running Bear
Illustrated by Nadia Hafer
I like this book because it is a fantasy book, and I like fantasy books. You can have nice characters that aren't real, but they can still be fun while helping you think about real things.

White Rose was lonely because he didn't have any friends. Because of his circumstance of where he was grown, he was far away from all the neat things he could see happening around the other rose bushes down in the valley. Because he was a beautiful white rose bush, Sparrow and Unicorn came to see him and they became friends. The kind of friends that really care.

There was a time I felt lonely just like White Rose. I went around looking for someone to play with me. No one would. I started digging in the sand by some kids and everyone left. Then some kid came over and played in the sand with me. Now we are best friends and do everything together.

Sometimes I do feel like White Rose. The things in my life can be hard. Sometimes I feel like a seed blowing in the wind, especially when everyone bosses me around.

I never thought much about plants before I read this book. Now I'm doing two experiments. My grandma says plants can grow better if you treat them good. She bought me two plants that are alike. She wants me to talk to one and see if it makes a difference. I feel stupid talking to it, but I try. I did write it notes and left them for the plant. I'm not talking to the other one yet. I feel bad about it. But when the experiment is done I'll make up for it. I won't wait too long because I don't want the plant to feel like the White Rose did when he was alone. Grandma says the one we talk to will grow faster. I don't know if I believe her, but I would like to try.

The other experiment is with leaves that blow off of the trees. The book asked where these leaves go. I said they blow down the street. Of course that made my grandma want to do another experiment. We went for a walk and collected a bunch of different leaves that blew down the street and we made a compost pile. It will turn into food for the soil so that the next time plants grow there they'll be healthier.

The best part of this book is when White Roes made friends. I like the unicorn best because even though he is the last unicorn, he goes around helping other people.

There's lots of questions to answer. And some pictures to color and tear out. They even have a page to write them a letter and mail it. I'm going to do that because when I see someone not being nice I feel lonely and mad. I think Mr. Running Bear must know how that feels.

I looked up Mr. Running Bear on his home page on the computer, but it didn't have anything for kids. I hope he reads this and puts something special on it for us. He did a nice thing, he gave a bunch of his books to the Boys & Girls Club by his home. That way those kids who don't always get books can read them. He also writes nice poems. I wrote a poem before, it's kind of hard to write poems. He does it real good. But you have to read it slowly because each line has a meaning you have to think about.

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