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Seek and ye shall find . . .
Ivy had a headache, an eleven year headache to be exact. Her headache was the big one, a migraine. She went to the doctor, like most of us would have done when faced with severe pain. What's the saying, "Take two aspirin and call me in the morning?" Well, under her doctor's guidance, Ivy took more then a few aspirins. In fact, at one point in her eleven year odyssey, she was taking eighteen Tylenol a day to ward off the pain. But Tylenol didn't do the trick, so her doctor did what most doctors trained in western medicine do, prescribe stronger medications. Soon Ivy's medicine cabinet looked like a small pharmacy with little plastic canisters lining the shelf. Elavil, Codeine and Imitrix had replaced Tylenol as Ivy's first line of defense. According to Ivy, taking prescription drugs was "like having a blanket covering the migraine. You could feel the spikes of pain pushing up through the blanket. The migraine was still there, just covered."

Traditional medicine wasn't working for Ivy. So, she began shopping the alternative health practitioners market. California is a mecca for such practitioners and Ivy was excited about her choices. She was Rolfed (a form of deep tissue manipulation), and massaged, and analyzed by a psychotherapist. She dined on herbal formulas, was stuck with needles by an acupuncturist and had her spine adjusted by a Chiropractor. She even had a psychic do a reading on her. Ivy was having an enriching experience, but when all was said and done she still had the migraines.

It wasn't until Ivy's husband went to Joan Luly, owner of Hands of Light, that forces were put in motion that would eventually lead to the disappearance of Ivy's migraines. Ivy immediately started noticing positive changes in her husband. When asked to describe those changes she responded "it's like the feeling you get with a kiss, there are kisses and then there are kisses, there's a difference. I was definitely feeling something different about my husband." Whatever it was, Ivy recognized that Joan's healing sessions were having a positive impact on her husband. It was time for Ivy to make her own appointment with Joan Luly.

Joan Luly, trained at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, is a "Hands on Healer." She works with an individual's energy field in a way that illuminates the underlying cause of the disease. Hands-on-healing is not exactly a mainstream discipline, and yet western medicine seems to moving, ever so slowly, in the direction of accepting these non-traditional healing methods.

Ivy's first appointment with Joan was uneventful. They talked, no promises were made, yet after the session had ended, Ivy left feeling that, in her own words, "it was going to work".

It took about four months (two sessions per month) before Ivy started noticing that the migraines were tapering off in intensity, frequency and duration.

Ivy's been seeing Joan for over a year now. The migraines have all but disappeared. Ivy has tossed out the prescription drugs, and still continues to see Joan twice a month. When asked why she continues her treatments, Ivy responded, "as a result of my sessions with Joan, I have better energy, more optimism . . . every physiological function has improved!"

Hmm . . . better energy, more optimism . . . every physiological function improved . . . Hands-on-healing may not be for everyone, but if you're struggling with a health issue, or just want to fine tune your life, you might want to call Joan Luly, it worked for Ivy!

For further information, or to make an appointment, call 858-273-2240. Joan Luly has offices in Santa Monica and San Diego, California

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