By Shirlee Michaels, Ph.D.

Several years ago, I awakened to the realization that my life was a complete mess. To the outside world, I was a successful business woman, with a beautiful large home, luxury cars, an expensive wardrobe, and a life full of travel and excitement. What the world did not see was an emotional cripple, captive in an alcoholic marriage, struggling to keep her sanity while sinking deeper into hopelessness, numb depression and speechless rage. Rage at my alcoholic husband for what our life had become, wrapped in fear of the future and the unknown.

While standing at the kitchen sink one day, the thought of suicide casually rambled across my mind. In that instant I understood I was in serious trouble and a few days later placed myself into therapy. Actually, my small son was the reason I acted so quickly; I loved him so very much and the thought of abandoning him through suicide was intolerable to me. I was not capable of taking such an enormous step for myself, but I could do it for him, in the fashion of a true co-dependent.

That single thought of suicide was responsible for a ten-year odyssey, a search to find a meaning for my life on this planet, and to find my true Self under the layers of familial and societal conditioning. It was hard work. I was emotionally and physically well defended; my early life as a child had taught me to hide my thoughts and feelings from others so as not to be criticized and demeaned by the adults around me. In my family there was a monotone of quiet . . . NEVER, NEVER disagree, challenge or ask questions. Be a "good" little girl!

The good-little-girl grows up to be the good-little-girlfriend or wife. She is regarded for her passive behavior by the approval of a patriarchal society which has set the standards of behavior for both men and women. For women, the culturally "correct" behavior for the emotions of frustration, rage and anger has been to ignore their existence . . . to stuff them, to deny them. Eventually, this takes a tremendous toll on the body, specifically the adrenals, which are master hormone-producing glands and necessary to the functioning of the immune system.

Low adrenal functioning is so common these days, many of the symptoms are accepted as "normal". We hardly give a thought to allergies (runny noses and red eyes), indifferent sex, menopausal symptoms, back pain, low vitality and chronic fatigue, even anxiety and depression, as if these conditions were indelibly stamped upon us at birth. These conditions may affect the majority of our population and be very common, but they are NOT "normal"! Strong, healthy adrenals are meant to keep our systems in balance and produce the vitality and energy for living lives full of love, passion, joy and fun!

One of the answers to reclaiming our health and vitality is nutrition. Fortunately, information is everywhere; almost every magazine offers guides to better eating habits, choices of foods and nutritional supplementation. In particular, Wild Mexican Yam and DHEA are receiving a lot of attention. DHEA is produced by healthy adrenal glands and is a part of the major hormone group of the body, commonly referred to as the "Mother Hormone". Everything that happens in the body is affected by the Mother Hormone. As the level of hormone production decreases, there goes the zest for living . . . not only do we begin to feel lousy, our relationships suffer because our vitality is down and we cannot be emotionally or physically present.

Wild Mexican Yam has been shown to help repair the adrenals so the body can then begin to manufacture the hormones we need, without the benefit of synthetic hormone therapy. This can be an inexpensive remedy, and when combined with other natural supplements such as major and trace minerals, can help the body repair itself.

Learn about your body and what it needs. To continue to function and repair itself, the body must have essential minerals every day, just like oxygen and water. Minerals are necessary for 95% of your body's daily functions. Minerals are life sustaining and we need about 80 different minerals a day to function; less than that leads to tissue depletion and eventual states of imbalance such as exhausted adrenals.

There is a new technology available which makes many of the tableted forms of mineral supplements obsolete. Vitamin and mineral tablets all contain binders, and some formulas contain inorganic substances which the body does not recognize and cannot process. So much of what is swallowed is useless, is rejected by the body and is eliminated in the urine, a waste of hard-earned money. ESSENTIAL LIQUID COLLOIDAL MINERALS are delicious, are absorbed immediately, contain no inorganic minerals, and are 98% absorbable.

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