Environmental Worlds Fair


As we move towards the 21st Century, businesses and individuals are beginning to realize the impact that they are having on the natural environment. From the car we drive, to the way we have our clothes dry-cleaned, to the food we eat, these factors and many more contribute to the footprint we leave on this earth.

When it comes to environmentally responsible products and services, what was just a vision not long ago is now a reality. These realities will be on display at the seventh annual Eco Expo, to be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center, March 21-23. With more than 400 exhibits featuring healthy and earth-friendly products, Eco Expo is the ultimate environmental shopping mall, providing entertainment and information for the whole family.

Eco Expo is not just shopping and learning about the environment, you can see it, taste it, drive it, wear it, and much more. The show will feature such themes as health and the environment, advanced transportation, "taste of the environment", future technology, apparel, recycling and more.

On display in the Advanced Transportation area will be the future of road transport. Not only will you be able to look at the new gas-powered and electric cars, in some cases you will be able to take them for a spin. In the Futuretech Pavillion, catch a glimpse of the new technology that is revolutionizing everything from the way we communicate with each other to the way we shop.

The Health Pavillion will focus on our relationship between the natural environment and our health. On display will be a variety of products and services that help protect our health and that of our children. There will be ongoing demonstrations, advice on diet and exercise, interactive activities and lectures with speakers addressing such issues as indoor air quality, radiation, ergonomics and pollution.

If hemp or organic cotton are the fabrics of choice for you, then don't miss the extensive clothing section. Added to this is the daily fashion show, put together by Shannon Davidson, one of California's leading fashion coordinators.

The "taste of the environment" will be a big part of this year's show. Not only will you be able to see the latest organic and natural foods on the market, you will be able to taste them. On the cooking stage, chefs from Wild Oats Market and other prominent LA restaurants will be cooking up delicious meals to tempt your taste buds.

BG Tackett, a noted environmental professional and builder, has provided his services in the construction of a demonstration home for sustainable urban living, using the latest in green building features.

A special feature of Eco Expo is its program of lectures and seminars presenting entrepreneurs, scientists and planners from the vanguard of the environmental movement. Running continuously throughout the two days, these free workshops will address almost every area of environmental concern.

Eco Expo is proudly sponsored by Wild Oats, Perrier, the Metropolitan Transit Authority, Department of Water and Power and So. Edison Gas.

Eco Expo '97 will be open to the public Saturday, March 22, 11 am to 7pm, and Sunday, March 23, 11am to 6pm. Admission is $7 for adults. Children under 8 are free. For further information, please call (818) 906 2700.

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