By Moshe Zwang

In today's world it is much easier to acquire knowledge than ever before. Yet, even today we still have many taboos and prohibitions for learning orexperiencing the reality in a way which will be different from themainstream. Issues of global awareness and the metaphysical world aremore readily explored at present, but only to a degree.

But how do we know, you may ask, that the metaphysical/spiritual reality truly exists - that life on our planet is more than what the eye can see? How do we know, for example, whether souls, spirits or even angels are real concepts in spite of the fact that modern science denies theirexistence. Is there any proof of the other "reality?" Is there any logical explanation of the metaphysical existence?

The more we know about the universe, the more questions keep pounding at us with the total force of curiosity that humanity has.

I, too, had many unsolved questions which actually started with my near-death experience at the age of thirteen - my first encounter with beings of light, or if you want, angels, in the metaphysical realm. For two years after that incident I had tried persistently to re-experience that unusual state. Only at the age of 15, when I was at a marine boarding school, did I begin with out-of-body journeys and communications by will.

One of the things that struck me back then, was the awareness that we live on a living planet; that we humans are part of this huge life, similar to the way that cells and micro-organisms in our body are part of the life of the whole body.

I shared some of my out-of-body journeys and communication with angels in "The Ultimate Prophecy, Book One, The Initiation" in story format. I hope that the following excerpt - a dialog with an angel during one of my out-of-body states (page 223 through 228) will lead you to true awareness and a feeling of responsibility toward yourself, Mother Earth and our future as it led me many years ago:

"Now, David, let's start with the lesson. There is a lot for you to learn about life. Just be open in your study. Soon you will be able to easily visualize everything I'm telling you, as if you see with your own eyes".

"Life in any form is a compound of smaller lives which are composed of much smaller lives, and so on. Life instincts are basically the same for all life forms in the Universe, although their manifestations may be different on each of the ten levels of existence or even among the life forms of the same level. For example, you the humans, animals and plants live within the same level of existence - within the physical level - but there are many differences between the lives of humans, animals, plants or viruses. Nevertheless, there are many similarities as well. These apply to all of the life forms anywhere in the Universe.

"A simple life form, as a general rule, feels the urge to grow and evolveinto the maximum potential that can be achieved in its life cycle. It is aninner wish of each and every life form, not only a genetic command. This urge creates new lives by a process of unification and formation.

The evolution of simple life forms is done by uniting themselves, in a specific way, to each other and then attracting a much more highly developed spirit in order to evolve. Each of the smaller life forms that exists in a larger life complex has the same instincts of life as the larger life form it lives in. Let's take, for example, a life form that you are already familiar with - the human being.

"You already have learned about the living cells in your body. In reality, other micro-organisms live in the human body as well. At school you were taught about the many microorganisms which are living in the human colon. The human body needs them as much as they need the human body.

Some other micro-organisms which live inside the body aren't so friendly to their big host. Regardless of their role in the human body, microorganisms which live inside it have no recognition of the intelligence and feelings of the bigger life form that hosts them. These micro-organisms -which are actually types of cells who live in the human body as if it were their entire world - do have their life structures, some conscious level, feelings and communication between each other, as all life forms in the Universe have. They live, multiply, and then die to continue their evolutionary cycle.

Observing them carefully, we realize that inside of the micro-organisms exist other types of smaller lives. Science is aware of the negative and destructive smaller life forms which penetrate these micro-organisms. They were named viruses. In reality, there are also some viruses that live in cooperation with the microbes and other types of living cells. Some of the viruses are essential to the life of their hosts which are single cell units or the microbes of various types.

"Those simpler life forms, the viruses, which are living a major part of their life inside the cells of their hosts, also have emotions, feelings and simple communication skills with each other. But, they totally ignore the lives of their hosts as valid life forms. For each one of them, it is just Nature . . . a place where they have to learn how to adjust by means of adaptation and fast mutation. All of this is through a short period of life cycles which, in turn, create many cycles of genetic mutations in accordance with the universal evolutionary laws.

"This simple life form isn't the end of the story. Much smaller life forms are actually finding their place in the viruses' bodies as well. These small and simple entities are known to science as simple groups of amino acids, which create simple groups of proteins. Science does not consider them as being alive . . . Well, even if science denies their living state, the facts do not change - these simpler life forms are very much alive. They do reproduce themselves, do have life instincts and do support or destroy the viruses. Like humans, they have the wish to live and expand.

"The reality of life goes well beyond this point. Proteins are actually composed of many little molecules which are very much alive and live in a very well-defined way and structure, but some of these molecules, believe it or not, have their own agenda about life. They choose to participate in the proteins as an important contribution to their lives; others choose to ignore their host, and become unwelcome guests, actually destroying those proteins. This is very much like some microbes becoming harmful to humans; some viruses, to the cells; and some proteins, to the viruses.

"The next group is even harder to accept as alive due to the wrong belief that conscious awareness belongs only to the higher living complexes. This is a very wrong concept. In reality, atoms which compose the molecules are alive, have their own emotions and life instincts. Some of them are beneficial to the molecule that is part of the protein, part of the virus, part of the cells that are part of a larger life form like the human body. Each one of them has its own spirit bonded to each particle, and together they create the foundation for a higher life form with a much bigger spirit.

"Life is much more than what can be seen with or without the tools your scientists have developed. Life has many faces, many levels, forms and sizes.

"David, all of these compounded life manifestations on your physical level are real, the same as you feel yourself as real and alive. They are living in a complex of compounded lives inside other lives. One day you will be able to see and communicate with the spirits of cells, microbes, viruses, proteins and others."

It amused me, but I continued to listen carefully.

"Yes, David, conceiving the wider scope of life, you will realize that life is a unique force in the Universe. It is very much like other forces that are already known to your scientists today - the electromagnetic force, gravity and the weak and strong forces of the atom. Your planet's present scientific point of view can be considered only as a partial understanding of reality, especially because of its own limitations and opposition to anything which has to do with life energy as a unique force in the Universe. . . David . . . keep listening . . . and continue to visualize everything I say.

"Now that you have learned about the concept of lives inside lives inside life . . . you may feel like a walking world." The angel smiled. "But what about yourself, David? Are you a part of a bigger life form?"

I became alarmed. I grasped what he was going to tell me. But it was hard for me to accept it.

"The answer is YES. You are right, David. You humans are part of planet Earth's life. Your planet is made out of atoms. Each one of them contains living units or little spirits. The whole planet, including its atmosphere,water, plants, animals and all the living species on it, including humans, are attached by their spirits to the spirit of the planet Earth . . . The living species on Earth represent the living evolution of the planet.

And the human beings represent the most advanced function of the planet. If it is hard for you to perceive this idea, think about the little micro-organisms inside your body. They conceive life around them similarly to the way you human beings conceive your lives on planet Earth, without being aware at all that your planet has its own conscious life, and that all life forms on the planet are the manifestation of its life.

Moshe Zwang, author, inventor and healer, is the discoverer of PalmTherapyTM - a new method which has been highly praised by professionals in the fields of psychiatry and psychology for its rapid effect on the mind and has been featured on numerous T.V. talk shows and newscasts across the nation. He is the author of "Palm Therapy" and "TheUltimate Prophecy." For more information, contact his Palm Therapy Center at (818)994-2892.

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