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"My true commitment is to support people in living a life of freedom. That involves inner freedom, the freedom to be themselves, as well as outer freedom, the freedom to create what they truly want. Often people have no idea that they can really have this kind of life. Instead, they often quit even asking themselves what they want, because of prior disappointments, criticisms, fears, or lack of knowledge. They put their dreams on the back burner, or remain vague about them, and become blind victims of their circumstances."
                            - Carol Joy Goldstein, Owner, Results Unlimited -

Carol Goldstein is passionate about her beliefs. But the road to discovering her passion wasn't as smooth as she probably would have liked; nevertheless, it has brought her to this point and time where she lays claim to the titles of: Structural Consultant, Life Coach, Speaker, Author and Seminar Leader.

Ms. Goldstein's journey began in Buffalo, New York. The oldest of three children, Carol married young and soon found herself traveling with her husband to Texas, for a two-year stint in the military. She then moved back to Buffalo with her husband and two children, and in 1978, relocated with her family to San Diego. Not only did San Diego represent a positive change in weather patterns and a chance to complete her Masters degree in Education, but it was also an opportunity for changes in some of her old patterns of living. She did the EST training (a personal growth seminar) which according to Carol, "had a significant impact on my life. This was the first time that I learned to be true to myself." As a result, a divorce followed. It was during this time that Carol was introduced to Robert Fritz (author of The Path of Least Resistance and Creating) and subsequently was trained by Robert and his wife Rosalind as a Structural Consultant. A Structural Consultant helps people to discover their underlying structure, and once discovered, they have the freedom to create what they truly want in their lives rather than repeat dysfunctional patterns. Coincidentally, it was also during this period that Carol met the man she would be marrying thirteen years later.

Thirteen years later . . . Today, Carol is the owner of a thriving business which, in her own words: "helps people realize that they do have a choice in their lives." In order to accomplish this mission of empowering others, Carol divides her time between consulting with people locally as well as long distance (over the phone), conducting the Technology for Creating (TFC) course, leading Relationship evenings with her husband Glen and putting the finishing touches on her soon to be published book, entitled "Freeing the Porcupine"

When asked to summarize her mission in life, Carol asserts "Life can be a blessing, rather than a burden. The joy for me is to see people living their lives as a blessing."

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