Using The Medicine Wheel
to Bring Balance to The Earth
By Jim PathFinder Ewing (Nvnehi Awatisgi)



It is our purpose, each of us, to bring balance to the Earthly Mother, and in doing this, we bring balance to ourselves.

Within each of us, we have male and female elements. The female power is necessary to hold the excesses of the male power in check. Female power is wholistic, circular, right brained. Its “truth” is often not easily described, because it is non-rational, more symbol than word, hard to put into literal words. Male power is straight-line energy; it is logical, but easily broken. With male power, something can be true, but not the whole truth.

Female power alone cannot sustain, as it needs the male power to come to fruition; but neither can male power exist alone, for it lacks the ability to regenerate. This is reflected in The Medicine Wheel, which combines the male (straight line) and female (circular) energies.

If you look at the Medicine Wheel, it is first a set of lines. To create one outside yourself, put a rock in the middle, then a rock in a straight line outward in each direction: one to the East, one to the South, one to the West, and one to the North. It describes a straight-line equal cross.

This is the male energy. Each direction has a power, and each direction has a color associated. Different tribes used different colors, reflecting their surroundings. But here in Lena, we use the colors red, yellow, black and white to reflect that we are all members of the five-fingered tribe, one people of many hues, one humanity.

The colors and directions
East, red –
Newness, beginnings, new awareness, dawn;
South, yellow – Healing, growing, vigor, youth;
West, black – Inner vision, reflection, soul-searching, endings;
North, white – Wisdom of ancestors, Higher Power, guidance.

When you see the powers of the directions fanning out from the center, it actually is a circle. You could place stones outward from the center infinitely, and it would be stone circle, which is what the lodges of the Hopi and ancient Celts used as sanctuaries for healing ceremonies and prayer.

Each of these lesser lines has a power, too; and different tribes have different associations, with different medicine wheels that describe a purpose or meditation. But for our purposes, we’ll stick with the simple one. It is one stone in the middle, one at each direction: east, south, west, and north. There actually are six directions, counting above and below (a three-dimensional Medicine Wheel, extending in a perfect circle, however large or small you make it, as an altar on a desktop to a circle on the ground). It has great power. (The Cherokee, Tsalagi, have seven directions: one for the center, inside, the heart or soul.)

Whoever we are, wherever we are, we are important instruments of the Creator in doing this duty, giving prayers in The Medicine Wheel.

It is the soul connection that resides within each of us, the “true” path we walk, that knows no time or place. For we carry it from lifetime to lifetime like underwater divers, their air hoses connecting them to above.

We are each and all “minute” but the “saving grace,” so to speak, is that we each have the power of the Creator within each and every one of us, that is greater than all. That is the power we access in giving our prayers.

So, your prayers are precious. Each of our prayers are much greater than us. Every one of us has all of Creation within us. Every one of us has God living inside. Every one of us is greater than any “thing” we might see around us. That is our reason for being here… to reflect our world as children of The Earthly Mother and Heavenly Father.

Our bodies are of the Earth, we come from her, the elements in them are hers, the signature of our flesh and bones are hers. But our souls, our spark of life and great healing capacity belongs to the Creator and is our birthright, as children of Earth and Sky.

When you are using the Medicine Wheel, you are heaven. You are Earth. You are One with the Creator. And your prayers are heard. In this way, by being “one” within ourselves to the outside world, the world becomes “one” as far as all those who seek balance in the world can achieve it.

So, how do we do this?

Start with five rocks, putting one at each of the four directions: east, south, west, north. The fifth rock is in the center. You might want to put a special one there, perhaps a healing stone, like rose quartz or turquoise; or you might want to put a figure there, like Quan Yin, Mother Mary, etc. The center stone is actually you, your soul, heart connection, authentic self…. as well as the representation of above and below (Heavenly Father/Earthly Mother). You are the center of this universe.

Burn sage, or cedar or incense to clear the area, remove impurities.

Start in the east, welcoming the energies of dawn — seeing with new eyes, shedding preconceived emotions or thoughts, allowing new energies to pour in. This refreshes you and orients you. Drum or sing or pray, as you will do with each direction, directing your prayers toward Creator and your guides and angels, the good spirits, to carry your open heart love to where it is needed.
When it is time to move, sit in the South, the place of healing, the mid-day sun, vigorous growth. Allow that energy to come into the Sacred Circle, and send that powerful energy of healing and vitality to those who need it.

When done, move to the West and feel the inner light grow with-n you, as the Western Gate honors the setting sun, the time of darkness, when we go within. Allow that inner light, divine light that is the co-creator in you, to go where it is needed, proving inner illumination for those in darkest times.

Finally, in the north, feel the white light of the Creator, Higher Power, ancestors, divine wisdom entering the circle, guiding and directing you and your prayers as to where they need to go. Let the eagle of the north carry your heartfelt wishes, for the eagle travels far, sees far, knows the way ahead, the path that is needed.

Note that the circle is a three-dimensional one. It has above and below as equally as it has around the four points (and all points between those points to make the circle). It is the Earth. It is the universe. And you are the center point; you are talking, singing and drumming with the Creator, who is your co-creator with this world. You are one. Allow it, accept it, acknowledge it, be grateful. This is the world we live in. We are meant to be here.

And what do you feel or do when you do this? That’s up to you. But I’ll give an example from ceremonies performed in the aftermath of the Dec. 26 tsunami, offering healing love and light to the lost souls, so they could orient themselves toward the light of the afterlife, and for those left behind, suffering and in pain. When doing a ceremony in the South, I read aloud a note about an orphanage that had been swept away, taking all 170 souls. It brought tears to my eyes and my heart had a large, aching, empty space for those children, grieving for them and all the little ones who are suffering.

I went into that “space” and let the grief and sorrow wash over and well up within me, so my heart filled with compassion for the suffering, my eyes streaming tears, my voice incoherent with sadness, knowing that we are all children in the sight of the Creator, each one of us, and all suffer as one when any suffer. We are one. All humanity.

As I was filled with this pain and loss, I remembered how beautiful is the laughter of a child. The image came before me: a laughing child, filled with delight, emanating happiness. This was the gift of the South, its power. It was a golden vision of beauty. It came spontaneously to fill the lack. And, in this, I completely immersed myself, too.

You know, children don’t laugh with their voices like adults; they laugh with their whole bodies. They wiggle all over with joy. Their spirits cannot contain the gladness, nor can their bodies, which vibrate to the awesome power of the Creator’s joy when they find delight, and they do so often, at virtually any and every thing, because the little ones are still close to the Source, still young beings and new to this world.

And that was the prayer. That all the children of the Earth, all the children who were swept away, all the children now hungry or cold or fearful, in shock or grieving at the loss of home and loved ones would feel the mighty power of the Creator’s love as expressed through the musically loud, unrestrained, wiggling love that only a child can truly experience!

In the place of that empty, grieving space in my heart, I sent the love I felt, and feel, and know resides in every child, even old ones like me. And I laughed out loud, for that golden light of love can fill and illuminate any void, dispel any darkness, and overflow any earthly receptacle.

I waved a feather fan to gently waft this power around the whole world of the Medicine Wheel, in clockwise motion.

When we send our prayers this way, it is not our love that fills the universe. It is the Creator’s love. By tapping this love within us, and sending it out, freely giving, it is like plucking a string on a violin that causes the great symphony of the Flow of Creation to reverberate, and be magnified by the many strings of others’ hearts who hear and feel the vibration sent out, however seemingly small.

When we are in the Medicine Wheel, we are the universe. We are the world. We are all people. And as co-creators with Creator, we are the Creator. For our highest vibrations are attuned to the great symphony.

Know that this is true. And you can do this. Your inherent wisdom is of all ages. We are each the living potential of an idea in the Mind of The Creator. And we share that body of knowledge, that light, that knowing, waiting in potential, within us. Waiting only for an opportunity for love to be given to unleash it. The love then is ours and everyone’s, circling around the great Hoop of Life. It comes to us, through us, from the Creator and around again: one circle. We are one.

See the light, feel it, become it. Open your heart, and the Creator will do the rest. Each point in the circle holds the circle together. Each point is essential and we all are one. Know it. It is true.

We are all related.

Mitakuye oyasin, Gus dii dada dv ni

Jim PathFinder Ewing (Nvnehi Awatisgi), a member of the Southern Cherokee Tribe & Associated Bands in Texas. He is an Elder of the Manataka American Indian Council in Hot Springs, Ark., and a member of the Bear Clan Medicine Society in Russellville, Ark., a Bear Dancer and Water Pourer. He lives in Lena, Miss. where he practices and teaches Energy Medicine, Soul Retrieval, Reiki, and Shamanism. You may e-mail:  or write to: P.O. Box 387, Lena, MS 39094 USA. Phone: (601) 654-3301.

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