On “The Reconnection®”
By Robert Ross



Carlos Castaneda protested  that he could “see,” but Don Juan quipped, “You don’t see, you only look at the surface of things.”  Don Juan continued, “When one ‘sees,’ one sees human beings as fibers of light.” “Yes, fibers, like  white cobwebs; very fine threads that circulate from the head to the navel. Thus, a man looks like an egg of circulating fibers. And his arms and legs are like luminous bristles, bursting out in all directions.”
— From: A Separate Reality
By Carlos Castaneda

Fibrous beings with luminous bristles bursting out in all directions . . . Throughout recorded history, there have been references made to  unseen  lines and energy systems within and emanating from the body. Chi, prana, auras, chakras are just a few of the terms used to describe these systems and forms of energy. In the Asian practice of Acupuncture, the meridian lines or acupuncture lines are said to criss-cross the body. In Pranic healing, references are made to this unseen energy, as rays emanating from the body. In the west we may not have a specific lexicon to describe these energies, but, it is not uncommon to hear people describe others as “having good vibes” or “beaming with energy.”

I lay down on the massage table. I was embarking on a two-day process (one hour each day) known as The Reconnection. A  process that would, according to the literature, “Reconnect me to lines that are part of a timeless network of intelligence. Lines that are in a “parallel-dimensional system that draws the basic energy for the renewal functions of the human body.”

Rhonda Turner would be the facilitator of this process. She is no stranger to working with unseen energy systems. She has more than twenty-five years of healing experience, from Acupressure (working with meridian lines), to a variety of other forms of energy work.              

Rhonda was drawn to Reconnective Healing® after suffering a serious health challenge. According to Rhonda “I had been off work for nine months with a serious heart condition. I saw Dr. Eric Pearl, the original facilitator of these new higher frequencies of healing on television and was drawn to him to heal my heart condition. In my second session (of Reconnective Healing) a beautiful Being stood beside the table and told me my heart was healed and I could go off the medication. At that instant I felt the life force flow back into me and I knew it was true. After a few more sessions and the Personal Reconnection, I went to my cardiologist to be checked out. He gave me a clean bill of health.”

Since this miraculous healing, Rhonda has dedicated herself to helping others, utilizing these new higher frequencies of healing.

The official name of the process I was embarking upon is referred to as The Reconnection, or more specifically, The Personal Reconnection. The Personal Reconnection is a two-day process, not to be confused with Reconnective Healing which is generally conducted in one-hour healing sessions.

As I lay on the massage table, I felt the heat of Rhonda’s hands close to my face. Shortly  thereafter, I began drifting off into a very deep state, a semi-sleep state, on the edge — that place where the breathing pattern changes. My body also began to feel very heavy. I stayed conscious, a silent observer, while Rhonda worked with the unseen lines, reconnecting me to “a timeless network of intelligence that was once a part of our everyday existence.”

No two Reconnective experiences are alike. M.V. described her experience in the following way:  “During the actual Reconnection I felt a spiraling motion coming into my head followed by a pressure on my solar plexus. I felt ‘someone’ holding my left hand, (though no one was there); my body was shifting and jerking as it released and it felt like a million little spirals going all around me and through me. I could see ‘sprinkles of light’ shimmering down the right side of my face. At one point it felt like the ocean was flowing into me, expanding me, greater and greater, and most of all I experienced a ‘state of quietness’ where the normal level of sound seemed to be muffled allowing me to experience a deeper relaxation than usual.”

On, many patients describe angelic beings making their presence known during the process.

During the first day of my two-day experience, Rhonda closed the session by standing at the end of the massage table, holding the big toe area of each foot, as she quietly suggested that I “come back into the room, come back to the here and now.” The holding of each foot was a pronounced feeling. A few minutes later I heard Rhonda move about her desk area at the other end of the room. My feet were still being held firmly. I lay there for a number of minutes, not opening my eyes, knowing that my feet were being held by an unknown presence.

Day two of my experience was similar to the first day. I went into an altered state, feeling very heavy and noticing a change in my breathing pattern. The usual chatter in my mind slowed to a trickle, as I felt a very subtle cocoon of energy envelop my body. Again, it seemed like a few minutes had passed when I felt Rhonda’s hands gently grasp my feet while she quietly suggested that I “come back.”

During both sessions, she set the appropriate tone while taking me through the process. She inspired trust which permitted me to “let go” and surrender to the experience.

Both my sessions ended with a fifteen minute “debriefing” period where I asked some questions and attempted to take notes. Attempting to take notes immediately after experiencing a very deep altered state was a bit difficult, but I was able to scribble down a few of my impressions, nonetheless.

When I arrived home my wife asked the usual types of questions: “Well, are you healed?” “What was it like?” Since I am in relatively good health, I wasn’t able to say, with any specificity, that as a result of this experience a certain ailment was miraculously healed, or that I had a one-on-one chat with an angelic being. I can say, however, that there is something to this (The Reconnection and Reconnective Healing). My gut, my intuition, my heart, know that this is a powerful healing tool, one that will increasingly be recognized in the coming years. I can also say, that in the weeks following my experience, my psychic intuition has surprised me more than once. I attribute this enhanced ability to “know” things to my experience with The Reconnection.

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