Tips on Keeping Mind and Body Young
By Jesse Anson Dawn



Jesse Anson Dawn (at age 60), author of the national award-winning book, Never “Old”,  plus The Rejuvenator’s Bible, speaks out about a most stirring subject: how to counteract the unwanted effects of “aging”.

Presently answering the question: Is baldness, “graying” or gradual loss of “aging” hair “natural?”

Dear Readers,
I’m anxious to answer this question, as I again get a chance to offer truly working messages that are good for a lifetime. Indeed, for me, it’s not the TV (TubeView) “stage managed” brand of “truth” that I offer, not the selling of a concept, but the LIVING of truth that really matters, especially in the long run. For the truly human “race” is not based on profit or swiftness, but for who can peacefully understand it.

Hair and Now: Keeping Scalps Alive the CE Way
Is losing hair merely “gaining face?” Not in my books it isn’t, for what I offer is based on the prem-ise that anyone who is truly alive is a natural ruler, especially when it comes to mindfully ruling one’s spirit-body destiny.

Is Baldness Really Natural or What?
With creationary mindpower (CE) as my forté, I firmly maintain that hair loss is not natural, but a process caused by the highly controllable factors explored herein. And yet because so large a portion of mankind goes bald, it remains difficult to believe that baldness is unnatural. Indeed, so vast is the hair-loss problem, that various studies say by age 45 some 46 percent of men are balding and by age 60 over half of the male population is bald.

Why Bald Men But Not Bald Animals?
Show me a bald gorilla, a bear that needs a toupee, a horse in need of hair transplants or a balding cat, and you’d be showing me an animal with physical problems. So why the assumption that it’s “normal” for half of mankind to go bald? And no, I don’t believe what the comedian Gallagher claims, that God let lower animals keep their hair and took it from men because it was a trade-off, whereby all lower animals could keep their hair if they are willing to sacrifice some brain-power. Nah, although that’s a good joke, I don’t buy that hair-traded-for-brains theory even for a minute.

Baldness as Fashion?
Ever more prevalent is the media-pushed “macho-man” tactic of shaving heads totally bald, the somewhat recent attempt to make hairlessness the “in” thing. But as to the skinhead movement, I say balderdash, for is baldness really helped by more baldness? Me-thinks not, methinks that such logic is like reasoning that a dent on once side of the car is helped by denting the other side, somehow hoping that a “balance” has been created.

The Hair Raising Experience
Again I maintain that the genuine renewal of skin cells (and healthy hair as well) is NOT dependent on “genes” — but on the acquired ability to self-renew any part of your body. For as unstimu-lated creationary energy (CE) subsides, it causes hair loss the same way that energy depletion causes any organ to decay.

In other words, physical decay is not “built-in” by genetics or any other hypothetical expectation, but disrepair is decided mainly by what degree we are in touch with ourselves. And as for the hair/gene connection, I am living proof that the “like father, like son” rule doesn’t necessarily apply, because despite the somewhat lifeless, scalp-revealing hair originally inherited from my father, I have successfully changed that genetic “precondition,” mainly by realizing a bigger picture than genes alone. But to help comprehend the larger view, let’s look a bit deeper into the hair-raising experience and address this probing question:

The “Touch-Receptor” Hair-Connection
To further clarify the workings of the mind-to-hair connection, I’ll again refer to Irwin and Vilia Sher-man’s Biology: A Human Approach, where it states:“The hairs on the body serve as touch receptors . . . for around the base of each hair is a collar of sensory nerves that register disturbances [and stimulation] . . . Pressure [or stimulus] on the hair is transmitted to the neuron, and from there signals go to the brain.” Or vice-versa.

Using Mind-to-Hair Messages
By perceiving how closely hair survival is linked to mentally-simulated touch-receptors, I’ve realized ways to turn this knowledge into results. One effective thing I do is send hair-sustaining messages via pre-sleep “auto-suggestions” (a technique revealed in detail in my Rejuvenator’s Bible, something effectively used to heal any organ of one’s body). But specifically for hair revival, just before falling asleep (as this is a good time to create auto-suggestions that take effect during deep sleep), I evoke a message that says basically this:

“During these resting hours, my creative, inner light will renew my skin and organs, plus the color and vitality of my hair. And thank you, dear body, for our spirit-mind unity.”

Hair Aliveness and Sensitivity             
First of all, let’s clarify that all “gray” hairs are actually white, devoid of pigment (but they merely look gray in comparison). Not only are white hairs devoid of color but also sensitivity, for any appendage cut off from the body’s blood and energy flow is de-energized, just as a leg or arm falls “asleep” and gets that “pins and needles” feeling when its circulation is pinched. And if you haven’t already noticed the difference in sensitivity of colored hair to white, if you have white mixed with colored hair, simply test the difference for yourself with tweezers and a mirror, feel the difference in pain sensation between plucking a white hair compared to a naturally colored one.

At this time, while white hairs are still somewhat rare on my head (but sneaking their way in), I evoke hair-sustaining messages aimed at the internal hair-coloring agent (called “melanin”) by taking a little time to pluck out a white hair when I see one, doing what I call “weeding.” Yes, I realize that plucking doesn’t necessarily stop a colorless hair from coming back, but the purpose of this action is to send a blunt announcement to the Brain/Body Central which says something to this effect: “All you diehard hairs that are still getting melanin energy-jolts for color  — stay alive or ELSE — (pluck, another white hair is weeded from my hair garden).

Hairpower Massage
For all who still have hair and want to keep it healthy, there’s a simple hair — reviving treatment which I’ve found to be more effective than anything else: take the time to energy-massage your hair—take the time to revive hair follicles by stimulating the mindlight which circulates pituitary/pineal power from the center of your brain. Indeed, just like facial massage, scalp massage can be done almost anywhere, while watching TV, or while reading — simply by activating the inner energy that this article hopes to clarify—CONSCIOUSLY stirring up one’s electrogenesis by circulating and working your inner healing light...

Tresses and Stress
One way stress damages hair is due to its depletion of B and C vitamins needed for hair vitality. Also significant is how stress affects the adrenal glands, which is why people can sometimes go rapidly “gray” during a period of severe stress or anxiety. Basically, at least in physiological terms, stress accelerates hair discoloration (and also baldness) by causing the adrenal glands to pump increased levels of “androgens” (something prevalent in both men and omen) whereby excessive androgen production depletes hair follicle metabolism, thus rapidly weakening and de-coloring hair.

Hence we come to the logical conclusion that to quell overloads of androgens, we need to modify overloads of anxiety and stress.

Along with stress reduction, mental suggestion, and manually stimulating hair survival by way of the described methods, there is another significant factor involved with hair survival, much of which is commonly linked to —

The Spoils of Oils
I again say that for men to keep a head of hair it’s important NOT to put oil on it. And yes, I realize that most of us over-50 “baby-boomers” were raised on both hair “tonic” and “aftershave” commercials — all those ads which show men either slapping their cheeks with so-called “skin bracers” (which are mostly skin-decaying alcohol), or else greasing up scalps with gobs of oil. Glug and more glug, I mean, we’ve been greased with so much hooey about hair oil that legions of men have sworn allegiance to the goo since the 1920s or earlier.

And as to why oil devitalizes hair and may lead to baldness, consider this: just like a plant, hair is alive, with roots that need to breathe — so can you imagine what would happen to a garden that is regularly soaked in oil? Not that I would recommend doing it, but if you want to quickly kill a house plant, try watering it with oil (choke!) and see how long it lasts. And it’s as bad for hair as it is for any growing thing that needs to breathe. So enough with the hair oil already.

Coping With Soap
An even more commonly used hair-deadening product than hair oil (especially deadening to men with oil-choked and thus devitalized hair) is the wrong shampoo. But of course I realize that most have become hooked on the perfuming effects of their favorite brand of suds — hooked on all the foamy hype that claims to do everything for your hair but what most shampoos really do, which is strip hair of its natural oils and vitality.

And although there are some exceptions (such as the gently unabrasive Aubrey Organics — a brand of shampoo available in good health food stores), the vast majority of shampoos contain hair-devitalizing chemicals such as sodium lauryl sulfate, the same chemical used in garage floor cleaners, engine de-greasers and car wash soaps. Also, most shampoos have propylene glycol, which is the main ingredient in brake fluid and industrial anti-freeze!

And so for that, and other valid reasons, I’ve opted to wash my hair DAILY with only water, not only because water is the body’s most essential ingredient, but also because plain water is a very effective cleaning agent in itself.

However, before any of you avid shampoo fans get upset about the thought of an alternative hair-cleaning process, maybe you could just TRY my Mindpower Massage/DAILY water-wash treatment for a week or so, and then SEE the renewed vitality of your hair — SEE the difference that occurs after getting unhooked from the harsh, industrial chemicals secretly lurking in those foamy suds.

And as for you men, by following the guidelines and techniques offered in this article, you may very well have come to a turning point which enables you to keep the hair you have for LIFE. But of course seeing is believing, and the real truth reveals itself . . . perpetually...

For the whole self-renewal story, Jesse Dawn’s (Pulitzer Prize nominated) 258-page book, Never “Old”, can be received free of charge by purchasing his latest book, “The Rejuvenator’s Bible: Working Ways to Create Perpetual Youth Naturally” (237 pages) for the retail price of $15. To receive both books for the price of one, call World Changing Books at (800) 736-3922 and order with Visa or MC, or send a check payable to World Changing Books, POB 5491, Hilo, HI 96720. ($15 includes books, plus free 1st class postage) Or order by e-mail at  Also check

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