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Star Babies
Astrology for Babies
and Their Parents
By Helen Hope

This interesting and fun book gives new parents a fascinating guide to their baby’s Zodiac sign and the special characteristics, talents, and needs associated with it. Covering everything from pregnancy to the way children will react to their surroundings, siblings, and school, this book will help parents understand their baby and create a loving and balanced family. Each sign’s parenting sign is covered as well, providing guidance on using the parents’ gifts to nurture their child’s growth. There are also lists of the birthstones, colors, flowers and trees associated with each sign.

A renowned astrologer with twenty years of experience, Helen Hope has written a gentle book full of love and promise. She gives new insight into the puzzle of a baby’s personality, and how the baby and parents will interact. Most importantly, she empowers parents to cherish and protect the special qualities of their baby.

I found it captured my son’s sign and our relationship very well, and when I shared it with other parents, they also found it accurate. We could not resist checking our own baby signs and reading our parents’ signs for clues to their parenting style.

This would be a charming gift for new parents. It would also be fun at a baby shower or family gathering, as everyone could look up their children’s signs as well as their own and their parents’ signs. Highly recommended.

Published by Citadel Press Books, this book is available at local bookstores.

Karma Kids
Answering Everyday Parenting Questions with Buddhist Wisdom
By Greg Holden
This book assists parents in helping children deal with the triumphs and tragedies of childhood. There are practical suggestions to help both parents and children nurture generosity, patience, morality, enthusiasm, focused attention, and wisdom — the Six Perfections of Buddhism.

Written by a practicing Buddhist and father of two, this book is accessible and entertaining, and will be useful for parents of all faiths. It offers Buddhist ideas to help parents listen to and help their children, turning everyday hardships into opportunities to learn and grow together.

Covering situations at home, at school and elsewhere, the sections assist parents with spiritual guidelines for dealing with parenting issues as well as challenges faced by children and teenagers. There are practical suggestions for engaging children more fully in their schoolwork, and teaching them ways to deal with bullying.

There is a section on dealing with media overload as well as ideas on reclaiming the spiritual aspects of everyday activities such as food preparation, eating, and even hand washing. There are ways to incorporate and share your own values and beliefs with your children, as well as ideas on celebrating the spiritual aspect of holidays and family occasions.

Within each section are discussion starters, exercises, things to do together, and stories to read aloud, which will help practice the sec-tion’s principle. An appendix contains ten steps to mindful par-enting, and a recommended reading list. This would be a wonderful gift for parents and grandparents. Recommended.

Published by Ulysses Press, this book is available at local bookstores.

I Take a DEEEP Breath!
(Book and CD)
By Sharon Penchina, C.Ht. and Dr. Stuart Hoffman
Deep breathing can help children access their own courage, strength, and inner peace. This book and CD teach children that they can use deep breathing to calm down in stressful situations, to cope with strong emotions, and to keep healthy and energized.

This second book in the “I AM a Lovable Me!” self-empowerment series helps children become more aware of their breathing, which is the first step to better breathing. The book has fun and colorful illustrations of a young bug using deep breathing when waking up in the morning, when playing, and when going to sleep at night. The bug also uses deep breathing to deal with difficult moments, such as feeling sad, missing his parents, and coping with new situations

There are all kinds of breaths, even “down-to-your-toes breaths,” as this book explains, and children will have fun practicing them along with the friendly bug. The CD has upbeat music with a pleasant, childlike voice reading the book. This book and CD are appropriate for children up to 7 years.

Published by 2 Imagine, this set is available at your local bookstore,  or

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