In Giving We Receive
By Robin Duncan



After a long day of moving furniture, I could feel that my body was drained of energy. It was about 8:00 pm, when I curled up in my favorite recliner with a warm blanket. To my surprise, I fell fast asleep for two full hours and woke up at 10:00 pm, as if I had slept all night. It was about the time when my family was preparing for bed. I decided to stay up for awhile as I felt that some sort of message trying to come through.

My mind was at last peaceful and ready for the communication. I felt guided to pick up the book, “I Am Rich Beyond My Wildest Dreams” by Thomas and Penelope Pauley, and flip it open. I opened to a place in the book where a woman named Marilyn was telling a story about how she gave away an old computer and after a very short time, she was able to buy a brand new one. I then lay the book in my lap and was reminded of a time when I gave away a beautiful black leather chair and desk to my cousin Paula, and later that year it was Paula who moved and furnished my entire cabin with furniture.

Many of us have heard the “10 times” scenario. “Give and it will come back to you 10 times.”  I felt as though my inner wisdom was reminding me of something very important. I then remembered my sister who had just received a beautiful new coat from her husband for Christmas. She was wearing it one night in San Francisco when she passed a homeless and shivering elderly woman in an alley.

My sister and her husband knew what needed to happen, and without hesitation, placed the beautiful coat over the woman. The woman cried, they cried and the moment was perfect. The next day, a neighbor came to my sister’s house with a coat in her arms. She told my sister that she had received it as a present but it didn’t fit. She was unable to take it back to the store and thought my sister might be able to wear it. The coat was nicer than the one given away, and fit her perfectly.

The pictures and events were flowing through my mind rapidly. I was then reminded of a time when a friend of mine gave over $32,000 to another person during a difficult financial time, and then my friend had the most extraordinary income year ever, making over $300,000. (10 times the initial gift!!) I had never put the two events together before. I was definitely on a guided tour through the principles of giving and receiving. Last, I was shown that as a result of giving out my favorite books to clients as gifts, I ended up receiving 12 boxes of brand new books donated to sell at my Healing Center. This was such a wonderful blessing!

OK... OK... I thought. So, I get the point! What next? Then I heard...” No, you really don’t get it. In a physical world, whatever you think you are lacking is the very thing that you MUST GIVE in order to HAVE it. It is best to give it in the form that would be helpful for you to receive.” I responded with a brilliant... HUH? Then they spelled it out for me. “Robin... if you would like to experience more cash flow, then tithe/give your CASH away.”  OOOHHH!

I finally got the point. I was absolutely stunned and amazed by this very simple idea. I had always known that tithing was about giving, but I truly thought the form of the gift didn’t matter. I gave all the time, however I gave in the areas of love, time, services, goods and furniture, because those were the areas where I felt most abundant.

This was the issue that was being communicated to me in a very direct way. Whenever we give, we are actually giving to ourselves because we are all ONE! Whatever we give comes back to us 10 times. In a physical world, the form in which we give our gifts, is the form in which we receive. Whatever we think we are lacking, whether it be love, money, furniture, etc., that is what we should GIVE in order to HAVE it.

The next morning, after talking with my husband, we tithed 10% of our cash as fast as we could. We prayed about who to give it to and were guided to someone bringing great Love, Light and Inspiration to the world. It felt great to help expand the work she is doing.

Although this is a very recent revelation and implementation, we immediately felt a shift in circumstances. Everything started opening up financially and we began to experience joy in our hearts, abundance in our attitude and a greater flow of money in our wallets. I am grateful for my “guided tour” that night, and it is quite clear that it is in giving that we receive!

Robin D. Duncan is a Certified Instructor for The National Guild of Hypnotists and the Executive Director of The Miracle Center of California, a Holistic Healing Center and School for Certification in Hypnotherapy and offers private sessions and classes to the public, with a payment structure to fit any budget. (888) 773-9174.

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