Harmonious Listening  
Speaking the Language of the Heart
By Miranda Alcott, M.A., Intuitive Counselor for Humans and Their Animals



I came into this life with enhanced capacities for seeing the invisible and hearing the inaudible. Like Dr. Masaru Emoto, I have long listened to the messages conveyed by water for the reflections it provides on human consciousness.

Today, all of us around the globe are endeavoring to understand the meaning behind the enormous waves of water that suddenly washed away the lives and land of thousands upon thousands of people at the close of 2004. Why did this event occur? What can we do to help those most affected by it? And how did the animals escape the onslaught?

Many of those who have contacted me since the disaster are baffled by the enormous loss of human life without a similar loss of animal life. Such a disparity challenges our long-held assumption of superiority over Earth’s non-human inhabitants. It also alerts us to the need to recover our innate capacity to hear that which no instrument can yet detect.

Animal Communication as a Form of Disaster Preparedness
Everyone has heard tales of animals warning human beings of impending disasters. In my practice, I have had many opportunities to serve as a ‘translator’ so that humans could receive the warnings their animal companions were endeavoring to give them through seemingly inexplicable behavior.

All of us are born with the ability to communicate freely with animals, to hear the silent voices of invisible guides and playmates, to learn any human language and to sense meaning in the movements of the elements. However, in non-indigenous Western cultures, most of us learn to restrict the bandwidth of our communications to people in our immediate environment. We, thus, lose an essential survival skill, now more important than ever in this time of sudden and dramatic Earth changes.

I was fortunate in being born to parents who had dedicated their lives to exploring realms of reality and ways of knowing outside the normal range of human perception. I am grateful now that they encouraged my unusual sensitivities and talents. But these abilities did not always feel like ‘gifts’ to me as they sometimes brought unwanted images of painful, unstoppable future events.

I spent my early adulthood as a professional musician. But my life path was unexpectedly altered by an auto accident that led to the loss of my hearing and the extraordinary amplification of my intuitive gifts. I then devoted myself exclusively to using my gifts to help people access the wisdom within and around them in order to resolve their conflicts and realize their reason for being.

Canine Radar
It was Radar, my first Hearing Service Dog, who reminded me that one of the most accessible sources of insight available to us can be retrieved through a deeper conversation with the animals who share our lives. My counseling practice thus expanded to include the facilitation of communication between humans and their animals.

I also began teaching a way of being that I call Harmonious ListeningTM. Through the processes we share in my workshops and the energy activations that occur within the participants, students find they are able to rebuild or strengthen the bridge of communication that makes it possible to live in greater harmony with the natural world.

Disaster Relief
Even those who function without the aid of their intuition recognize the capacity of animals to offer physical and psychological comfort and aid to human beings. My beloved companion and current Hearing Service Dog, Whisper, is a certified crisis intervention canine, and I am certified as a crisis intervention counselor. We have worked closely together as partners at various sites, including Columbine High School after the massacres; Los Alamos, NM during the fires; and at Ground Zero during the recovery from 9/11.

But now, in the face of the oceanic calamity on the other side of the world, it is easy to feel completely overwhelmed by a sense of helplessness. I am asked many times a day, “What can I do — in addition to donating money — to help the thousands of people who are now suffering?”

I think one of the blessings of Dr. Emoto’s work, revealed in such books as The Hidden Messages in Water, is that we now have visible evidence that we actually can make a profound positive difference. Whether printed, sung, spoken or visualized, we can see the effect of intention on the crystalline structure of water.

The Healing Power of Compassion
Water is the predominant element of our bodies and our planet, and we share a single ocean of consciousness. This means that we create even as we speak.

Those who are most directly involved in the unprecedented tsunami disaster cannot easily escape the negative energy of fear and despair that now grips their hearts and reverberates around the globe. It is, thus, the job of those of us who live a half a world away to diligently envision positive outcomes with a relaxed firmness.

So, when you get up in the morning and before you go to bed, take time to locate the joy and loving compassion within your own life and send it to those in need. Visualize the people you saw on the evening news receiving your support. Even at an enormous distance  we can help to balance the energies on Earth through the powerful impact of our focused intentions.

The prayers and blessings we transmit through our words, visualizations and with each beat of our heart will be carried on waves of love across the world at the speed of thought. And by holding a positive intention and envisioning a positive result, we will be helping to create the conditions for this current situation to be transformed into the ‘medicine’ of a more unified, compassionate world. If we continue our efforts long after the immediate need is past, then the unity initiated through our response to this overwhelming calamity may endure as a growing legacy of global love.

Miranda Alcott conducts The Whispers Gathering Series each month at the University of Santa Monica. To find out about these events, or schedule a counseling session for yourself and/or your animal, call (877) 787-0009 or see www.AnimalsTalk2Me.com
(c) 2004

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