Love the Earth More than Usual
EarthFair 2005 — Balboa Park
By Alice Martinez



San Diego EarthWorks’ 16th annual EarthFair will be held in Balboa Park on Sunday, May 1, from 10am to 5pm.
The EarthFair is the largest free environmental event in the world, featuring more than 200 exhibitors addressing every aspect of our environment and quality of life. At this fun and educational event, San Diego families can find solutions to today’s problems and help to create a better future for us all.

Throughout the park, visitors will see hundreds of environmental and quality-of-life exhibits, showcasing services, products and causes presented by environmental organizations, businesses and  government agencies. Around 60,000 visitors will attend EarthFair, produced by more than 400 volunteers.

While the “official” date of Earth Day” is April 22nd, festivals can be found nationwide throughout April and May. After all, as we say around the Earth Day office, “Earth Day, every day.” The whole point of “Earth Day” is for people to learn what they can do the rest of the year to reduce negative impacts on the environment every day.

“EarthWorks’ goal in producing EarthFair is to give every visitor an experience that will change their relationship with their environment, and change they way they live their lives,” said Chris Klein, EarthFair Production Manager for the past 15 years. “It doesn’t have to be a big change; it could be something as simple as turning off the water while they brush their teeth, or starting to use compact fluorescent lights, or composting their yard waste. But 60,000 little changes add up to something big.”

Not to be Missed...
The Children’s Earth Parade, with the theme, “Love the Earth,” and Cleaner Car Caravan begins at 10:30am at the Natural History Museum and proceeds through the Park to the Children’s Area across from the Balboa Park Club. After the parade, the “greenest” cars that can help reduce our excessive oil dependence will be on display in the Pan American Plaza.

Bring your kids to our redesigned Children’s Area, where they can take part in a variety of hands-on activities, like making paper from recycled paper pulp and creating greeting cards from found and natural materials.

For your mid-day meal, visit our vegetarian “earth-friendly” food area at Park Blvd. and President’s Way. The proceeds from all food sales in this area, like all sales at EarthFair, go to benefit non-profit organizations. And, all waste from this area will be composted by the City of San Diego Department of Environmental Services.

Take a break at any of five stage venues at EarthFair: the Children’s Stage and the Folk Music Stage, plus live music and entertainment featuring local musicians on three stages. Don’t miss the popular Dr. Wilderness’ “Splashtastic” show at the Magic Stage, in front of the lily pond; shows are at 11:30am, 1pm and 2:15 pm.


If you’d like to take action on behalf of the environment, there’s no better way than volunteering to help produce EarthFair.

“The EarthFair is really a gift from the citizens of San Diego to the citizens of San Diego,” said Mr. Klein. “The event is planned and staffed by about 400 volunteers — we couldn’t do the event without them.”

Volunteering is easy — and fun. There are 18 different positions, from the high-visibility physically-active jobs, like the Transportation Team, to more relaxed ones, like staffing an Information Booth. Volunteers work a minimum of one 3-hour shift, but are very welcome to help out all day.

To find out more about volunteering, and to sign up on-line, visit the EarthWorks website at:

Getting There
Far more people visit EarthFair than can park immediately adjacent to Balboa Park. You can maximize your EarthFair experience by using public transportation, or carpooling — and arriving early. If you plan to drive and arrive after 11am, you can park in the City College parking lot, off Park Blvd., and take a free shuttle to the fair.

Bicycle riders can use EarthFair’s free bike parking, located across the Laurel Street bridge, in front of the Museum of Man, and on Village Place, off Park Blvd. If riders don’t want to bike all the way, they should consider parking in a surrounding area and biking the rest of the way to the Park.

San Diego EarthWorks is a non-profit, volunteer-based organization, committed to a clean, healthy and prosperous future for all living things.

Our other events throughout the year include the V.I.P. (Very Important Planet) Reception and EARTH Awards in May, and the GreenBuilt Tour in October — a tour of sustainable and energy-efficient structures and buildings throughout the San Diego area.

To volunteer, or for exhibitor or sponsorship info, please visit or call (858) 272-7370.

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